Atharann, Son of Athrandir

Name Atharann
Depends on the timeline (Ranger Pre-war, Hunter Post-war)
Depends on the moment within timeline (Mostly between 76-84 years old)
Depends on the timeline I rp in
Outward Appearance
Age: 76/84 Winters depending on the timeline
Age on sight: Mid 30s
 His birth name
Frostwolf: A nickname given by the Lossoth to him
Sig: A cover name he uses/used known around common men

- Wolf of the North (among some common men and his kinsmen)

Voice: Atharann has a deep gritty voice due to many years of smoking.
If angry it can sound quite intimidating and has some fierce power behind it.
But normally its calm and a very suiting-like voice.

Languages: Westron, Sindarin, Sign Language,  
Lossoth-tongue, Rohirric, Black Speech
He knows various other tongues as well. But speaks them badly 

Atharann has a strong, muscular build perfect for archery and agility 
His eyes are deep grey and his hair is black/grayish. 
He stands about 195cm (6'5) in height. 
He bares two scars on the right side of his face.

One overlaps the eye the other runs down the upper cheek toward the nose.

These are the result of a mace he once took to the face.
His body is filled with many different scars from old combat situations.

(Made by me on Artbreeder,  edited in by the fabulous Aeruthuil)

Weapons of choice:

Atharann's primary weapon of choice is the bow and arrow.
He has been training it ever since he walked down the
path of a ranger and never stopped to improve, thanks to that he
has obtained an unusually high level of skill with a bow.
Even to those among his own kin he is an exceptional archer.

Atharann uses swords for close-combat. His first choice in this is a
simple long sword of men-make. It was forged in the hidden refuge
of the rangers known as Dolendir, also known as Esteldin. 
Atharann also uses his family heirloom. A long sword by the name of Forodgweaw (North-wind).

The sword is inlayed with elven runes. In darker times it becomes a powerful ally for the one who wields it. The runes ward the wielder against dark magic... But only to an extend

Atharann uses daggers for quick and stealthy combat as well as a last resort in battle.
He is a skillful thrower as well as fighter with them. It recites often on his lower back,
hidden behind his cloak or a piece of cloth.

Spare info:
As a last resort Atharann has a five throwing-knifes on a chest-belt.

Atharann is capable of fighting with spears.
Atharann can fight with one-handed axes/clubs/maces. 
Atharann can't fight in a shield-sword combo, nor can he fight with
Atharann can not fight with halberds
Atharann can not fight with any form of hammer

Atharann uses, aside of his standard arrows, a various set of arrows.
Most used are his small-tip arrows, made to penetrate almost any form of heavy armor.
Due to their small, thin tip, these arrows will not cause much damage when pulled out but are lethal if shot right. Sometimes he coats the arrows in poison. He does this when he absolutely needs to be sure of the kill.


Aronath is Atharann's loyal steed. 
A well trained horse that does not fear much, Aronath is always at Atharann's side
when he need him.

Nír is Atharann's main message hawk. Its the one he uses when he is in the field and its the oldest hawk within his use. Nír is also a scout and of course a friend to Atharann and his other fauna friends.

Fangwolf, or Fang in short, is a large Huskey-ish coloured wolf with threatening eyes that sometimes accompanies Atharann when he spends time in the woods. Fang is an old friend to him that has warded him from dangers as he slept in the wilderness.


Born in the bloodline of Numenor, in winters long past was Atharann son of Arandir, Dunédain of the North. He is the youngest son of Athrandir and Ethelyn whom were both of Dunédain blood themselves.
When he was young, Atharann lost his father and two older brothers as they killed in Angmar upon their trip homewards. After this the young boy was to care for his mother whom fell ill of grief and eventually died not long after. Left alone in the care of his Kin, Atharann started to learn of archery and swordplay. Though he showed great skill in sword fighting, it was in Archery that he exceeded any expectations. He grew and trained under an elder ranger by the name of Hirithal. To Atharann this man was like a grandfather and he thus often referred to the man as ''Gramps''. Learning for many years he finally set out at the age of 18. Now a young ranger of the Dunédain, he was left to decide his own path. From here on out he learned many things of elves and dwarves alike.
He always had a keen interest in the world around him and thus can often be found studying. This interest in the world has profited him with the gift of many speeches and well as the knowledge of various martial-styles. 

His title as Wolf of the North was given to him by his brethren. Not only because he managed to survive in the wilderness for many days after escaping the claws of Angmar and wearing a Wolf's hide to keep warm and hidden, but also because of his insane tracking skills fierce combat styles.

​Atharann is also a man who enjoys the cold. He has spend ten years of his life up in Forochel before he went back to Esteldin to aid Halbarad.
In Forochel he made good friends among the Lossoth and helped them fight back the enemy. The cold has hardened him and he knows very well how to survive in the most extreme forms of blizzards and cold weather.
He also traveled much of Middle-earth in his years alive. Making friends among many kin of men, elf and dwarf alike. Helping where he could and learning what he could. This has made him to become a skilled scholar and linguist as well. Always eager to learn more where he can. 

Fiontann, Rothrian, And those in his company
Father:Athrandir (Dead) Mother:Ethelyn (Dead) Brothers:Ithrandir and Felarann (Dead)
Those of the Iron crown and all that follow the dark lord.
The cold, hunting, swiming, archery, Pipeweed, good stories, studying
People whom brag too much about their achiefments. Carrots. Nosey people.
He tries to live life as best he can, leaving behind the machine of war that he had become. But this still is a struggle to him. Whatever the cost may be, he would still do anything to keep those close to him safe
''Blood makes you related, Loyalty makes you family''

Atharann's Adventures

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Atharann's Adventures

Atharann's Gallery

Atharann's Gallery