Cadfardd - Derudh of Dunland

Name Cadfardd
Self-voted leader of the small band of travellers. A Derudh - reading signs and speaking to Rhi Helvarch. A raider and a traveller on the side.
Somewhere in his early twenties.
He resides in all over Dunland, sometimes in the war-camps of Rohan though always where his two companions are.
Outward Appearance

Image done by the wonderful Frontan


Race/Ethnicity: A man of Dunland, whose ancestors were chased from Calenardhon by the Éotheod when they were granted the lands by the Steward Cirion, those lands later becoming known as Rohan.

Age: Somewhere in his early twenties.

Name/s: Cadfardd meaning Battle Bard (Cad = Battle, Bardd = Bard/Poet). Somtimes called Derudh, for that is what he is.

Skin Tone: Well tanned from hours under the sun, especially his chest compared to his legs for he does not often wear shirts. 

Height: He stands at a fair 5'7, for a Hillman this is fairly tall.

Body Type: Athletic and muscular, with muscles well built up in his shoulders and chest and his abdominal muscles well defined. He does however have a small amount of fat around his stomach, though it is barely noticeable, from the meaty and fatty diet. 

Eye Color : A mixture of browns, ranging from dark to near hazel, all blended together to make wise looking eyes. These eyes are those that someone can get easily lost in, and he uses this to aid him in telling the future of someone.

Hair : Shaved fully on his left side, and trimmed short on the right hand side however the top of his head as grown long, coming down to his jaw line over one of his eyes. It is light brown in color, with streaks of light red running through it from the sun. Occasionally, it is kept in place by a leather band though most of the time it is let loose.

Facial Structure : A fairly chiseled jaw, though covered by his beard which is scruffy and messy, often dyed with things to make it appear redder than what it is with his hair the usual browner color. He has wide eyes and his eyebrows are quite faint, mainly because of his dark skin and the paint on his face. He has good lips, often cut slightly from his own teeth

Languages spoken : He only speaks the language of the Dunlendings, which is Dunael.

Education : He was taught by Elder Derudhs to learn how to become one himself, though instead of going with all the others to Enedwaith he remained in the Turch-Luth village.

Weapons : He carries a sword at his belt occasionally, though he always has a ceremonial dagger that he uses for everything: fighting, sacrificing, cutting twigs, slicing meat.

Skills : He has the skills of a Derudh. He can speak to Rhi Helvarch through signs, and often uses hallucinogenic mushrooms to aid him in his visions. He roughly knows how to heal, and knows well enough how to kill.

Injuries/Tattoos/Scars : He has a few tattoos on his skin, some on the side of his skull however most of the marks that adorn him are made from a pulp that is alike to war paint. He has no clear injuries, however on his left side just underneath his armpit there is a long scar, that looks as if it was made by a blunt weapon and dragged across his skin just to underneath his pectoral muscles. This was received when the Hebog-Luth, Ddraig-Luth and Uch-Luth attacked the Turch-Luth, which can be read more below.



For decades before 2510 of the Third Age, the men of Calenardhon lived in peace, farming in the rich hills and breeding sheep and goats. That was until orcs and Balchoth raided the lands on their scourge of the Southern Kingdom. The Steward of Gondor, Cirion, called for aid and the rider Borondir Udalraph went North and summoned Éorl the Young.

The Éotheod drove away the plague of orcs and Balchoth, and in return the Steward granted them the lands of Calenhardhon, that would later become known as Rohan or the Riddermark. They drove out the men that lived here, into the hills nearby which was later named Dunland. 

For years these men brooded over how they lost their lands to these invaders from the North, and in the year 2758 of the Third Age, led by Wulf I they invaded Dunland and their leader became the King of Rohan for a year until his death at the hand of Fréaláf Hildeson.

They stayed in the mountainous lands of Dunland, with six clans located there: Yr Uch-Luth (The Ox-Clan.) Y Ddraig-Luth (The Dragon-Clan.) Yr Afanc-Luth (The Afanc-Clan.) Y Turch-Luth (The Boar-Clan.) Y Hebog-Luth (The Falcon-Clan) and Y Caru-Luth (The Stag-Clan). All of them held the hatred of the Forgoil within them, but not all were to act upon it.

The Dragon Clan swore allegiance to Saruman, the White-Wizard of Isengard, who would often poison the minds of the Wildmen, reigniting the fire that burned so harshly of hatred. The Falcon soon followed, and allied themselves strongly with the Dragon Clan. The Ox Clan was eventually persuaded, however not all agreed and those that did not were sent North to Enedwaith, establishing Lhanuch.


One Clan that would not agree was the Boar-Clan and so it was decided that the other clans would raid them. With fire hungry and weapons thirsty, the Dragons, Falcons and Ox all swarmed against the village, where the Derudh Cadfardd lived. It is at this raid where he sustained his worst scar, when he tried to fight back against the warrior Pren Rhyfelwr to protect his family, though he was lucky to escape with his life.


When he did escape, he went with the other two survivors he could find, Frontan the Healer and Eilonnwy the Warrior. Now the three travel across Dunland, from village to village in search of vengeance and a new life.

Frontan and Eilonnwy are his two closest friends.
They perished in the raid against the Boar Village.
His largest enemy is the Forgoil like the rest of the Dunlendings.
The air, the water, the fire, the earth, the stones, the people.
He would say he hates nothing other than the Flax-heads.
To survive.
"Do not think with your mind all the time, follow what your instincts say like Rhi Helvarch intended." -- "Diolch, Rhi Helvarch."

Cadfardd's Adventures

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Cadfardd's Adventures

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Cadfardd's Gallery