Doctor Raemond (Raven) Merhast

Name Raevenhart
Herbalist, Surgeon and Doctor.
Young Adult
Bree for now
Outward Appearance

Height: 5'8"
Not an overly muscular man, just strong enough to wield a sword effectively. Rather feminine with wide hips and a curvy figure.
Eye Colour: Stormy grey-blue.
Hair length/Colour: His hair is short and a dark sandy blonde colour, often slicked back and kept short out of his face, more often than not clean shaven, unless he has been constantly working then he has slight blonde scruff but quickly shaves it off.
Appearance: Raven is a stern looking, serious man with a formal, rather cold manner. He is often dressed in fine, pale blue garb indicating his status as a noble. He wears a large leather satchel with him almost everywhere he goes full of various medical supplies.
Quirks/Eccentricities: He rubs his hands quite a lot and is not aware of it.
Education: He would be educated as most Gondorian noble born men would be; quite well. He started learning the art of medicine around the age of 14.
Languages: Rohirric, Haradric, Sindarin, Westron, Adunaic, Quenya
Weapons (If Any): He carries a Gondorian smithed longsword on his hip, rather light and slender. Occasionally he will carry a wood and metal staff, the head of which is bearing an ornate fan-like structure that resembles bird's tail feathers, embedded with blue stones. Sometimes he will carry small daggers and knives slipped in his robe or boot. He will use his surgical tools in a pinch.


Full Name: Doctor Raemond Merhast
Race: Man
Location of Birth: Dol Amroth
​Age, as known: 20 years
Current Residence: Bree-land
Religous Standing: He is quite a spiritual man, considering himself rather enlightened. However he is not the type to loudly proclaim and preach, rather keeping them to himself, his beliefs mostly revolving around the cosmos and stars.
Political Standing: Claims to dislike politics but avidly partakes in them, not fully supporting Gondorian nobility however, more interested in aiding the poor. Quite progressive in thinking and in manner
Personality: He can seem a cold, and uncaring man at first. Rather analytical and logical before anything else. He has a fierce and short temper and has no filter between his mouth and mind, saying whatever he thinks of, quite often with sass or snark. When push comes to shove, Raven is actually a pacifist of a man, trying to avoid physical combat whenever possible, having a physical disadvantage. If someone has patience to endure the constant snark, he is a soft and caring man. He prefers the company of animals or his books and plants rather than human contact, treating all people with a sense of disdain.
Loves: Fine wine and tea, silk clothes and other fine commodities, being warm dry and comfy, A good debate or intellectual banter, discussing medicine and herbs, doing his work occasionally. 
Hates: Uneducated, stupid people. Unsanitary people, things or situations, being uncomfortable. Bigots and haters. Know it alls. Corrupt nobility.
Oddities: He never refers to himself using his real name, always with the alias Raven
He keeps the company of several actual raven birds, collecting their feathers, sometimes decorating his clothes with them. 
He's a complete neat freak and needs to organize things.
He knows he has mental afflictions which make him different than other, normal people.
He's very wary talking about his life in Gondor and romantic life, never mentioning his real name. If he does mention his family name, one who knows Gondorian noble gossip could easily link him to a scandal involving booze and waking up in wrong beds which somehow made him a wanted man with a death sentence.
He has an extreme dislike of halflings.
Dislikes overly sweet things and cannot dream or visualize/day dream. 

Husband: Ithelion
Brother: Ridderik Daughter: Inga
All of Bree hates him apparently
Books, reading, his plants and herbs, tea, wine, luxurious items, Ithelion and his daughter, gardening
Idiots, people who intentionally hurt others, prissy nobles despite being one himself, the uneducated masses.
To do his work as efficiently as possible and acquire knowledge.
"I do not think it is particularly wise to act without thinking ones actions through, as that is a plea for disaster." "Each action has a reaction. What you do has consequences."

Raevenhart's Adventures

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Raevenhart's Adventures

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Raevenhart's Gallery