Vanyariel "Anarórë"

Name Vanyariel
Former navigator. Shipwright at the moment
Very Old
Currently Celondim, though her true home will always be Belegaer, the Sundering Sea
Outward Appearance




Vanyariel of Belegaer

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"The Teleri are the Foam-riders, the Singers of the Shore, the Free, and the Swift, and the Arrow-Elves; they are the Elves of the Sea, the Ship-wrights, the Swanherds, the Gatherers of Pearl, the Blue Elves, the people of Olwë."
                                                              (JRR Tolkien - History of Middle Earth / Morgoth's Ring)



This elven lady stands tall and yet graceful like a willow tree swaying gently in the wind.
Her piercing eyes are blue as the profoundness of the sea, and her hair appears fair as sunlight reflected by molten gold, a colour found very rarely within her kin.
A strange smile lingers on her face at times.
Whenever near waterfalls, rivers or lakes, or whenever near to Belegaer the Sundering Sea this smile usually brightens, as an expression of great happiness comes to her bearing.
Her voice is unusually deep, soft and sometimes melancholic.
However, when she laughs, a sound like of silver and gold emerges, like a vision of sea foam riding the surface of sparkling streams.
[Her name is a combination of  the Telerin words "Vania" (Fair) and "Rielle" (Maiden crowned with a festive garland). So her full name in Telerin is "Vaniarielle", and that is the name that was used by her kin.
During the War of the Jewels, "Rielle" became the Sindarin "Riel" (Garlanded Maiden), and "Vania" got replaced by the Sindarin "Bain" (Fair / Beautiful / Good / Wholesome)
Thus, Vanyariel was most commonly addressed as "Bainriel".
A few times she also had been mentioned as "Vanyariellë" by some Noldor (derived from "Vanya" - Fair / Beautiful / Unmarred / Fair-haired and "Riellë" - Garlanded Maiden).
In Pelargir and Umbar of old she was called "Vanyariel" (as Quenya and Sindarin often got mixed by the Gondorians), and this is the version of her name that is known to Mortal Men]



Vanyariel is an elf lady living nearby Duillond.

Though mostly seen around Celondim, at the harbour, at the market and in the forests next to the elven settlement, she often travels to Mithlond to deliver her crafts.

Being one of the many shipwrights in service of Lord Círdan it is her task to seam up and maintain sails for the grey ships of the Falathrim.

Vanyariel's love for Belegaer the great Sundering Sea has no limits.

Often she has sailed upon it's waves, visiting the isles Tol Morwen, Tol Fuin and Himring.

Sent as a messenger to Rivendell by her lord, she stayed in the Last Homely House for several months. But the narrow valley, the high mountains and the constant news about war and darkness in the east have frightened her, making her feel being in a cage, waiting for some unknown calamity to happen.

She left Imladris, and after the long journey she arrived to the Ered Luin again.

The suffering of the world seemed to be far away here, and only seldom tidings from the world of men reached fair Celondim and Duillond.

Vanyariel had begun to understand how profound her love for the sea was, and she knew: only with hearing the sound of many mewing seagulls, the thundering waves of Belegaer and the whistling breeze of the west she would feel home.


(Vanyariel washing her hands)


During the Second Age of the Sun, while the Kingdom of Lindon was ruled by Ereinion Gil-Galad the Falathrim maintained many harbours in Forlindon and Harlindon.

Before Sauron the Abhorred ravaged Eregion and before the Last Alliance battled his armies at the Dagorlad the Sea-Elves crossed the waves of Belegaer, trading, supplying and  communicating with Edhellond, Lond Daer, Pelargir and Umbar. They maintained friendly relations with their kin in the east as well as with the Númenóreans in the West and later the Faithful in Gondor and Arnor.

Some of the Falathrim also devoted themselves to the exploration and the cartography of Midde-Earth.

At that time, Vanyariel served as a navigator on two ships, for she was one of those that could read the stars and knew how to be guided by them.

Together with sailors, warriors and merchants of the Falathrim she crossed great distances, and serving under captain Beleros she saw much of the far south and east of the world, exploring strange and beautiful areas previously unknown to the elves.

But Vanyariel's journeys did not always lead to the south or to the east.

For many years ago, before the isle of Númenór had been created, a mighty realm existed west of Eriador, and it was called Beleriand.

It was the time when a great evil threatened all life upon it, and the elves waged a desperate war against it.

It was the time when the Falathrim lived in the great cities of Eglarest and Brithombar ere their destruction through the Orks of Morgoth.

Before the elves of the Falas had lived a prosperous life, with the Noldor in the north guarding their peace. The passion of the Falathrim had always been seafaring. However, counseled by the wise, the loremasters and the scholars of the Eldar, at some time they began to construct great, fast and resilient ships, for the goal was to cross Belegaer and reach Tol Eressëa.

It is said the Noldor were driven by remorse and yearning, but the Falathrim always sought to be reunited with their kin in the west, the Wave-Folk, the gatherers of pearl in Valinor.

But Belegaer was rough, and the way to the Blessed Ralm was shut.

Many ships set out, but few returned.

In the year 458 of the First Age of the Sun Vanyariel boarded the ship "Nimroval", being one of the chosen thirty-three crew members to seek a passage to Tol Eressëa.

Many isles they encountered, and some of them were perilous.

But after thirteen years of fruitless search, the mariners had got increasingly worn down by the ongoing hardship of their quest.

While the "Nimroval" was passing a mysterious island, many of the elves jumped into the water, trying to reach the shore, following strange voices.

Vanyariel never saw them again.

The crew returned to Brithombar, counting only twelve members. In the year 473, two years afer, the city was sacked by the armies of Angband, but a part of its inhabitants managed to escape to the isle of Balar.

Vanyariel's life in Brithombar had been peaceful and full of mirth.

As a child, her parents, both ardent lovers of the sea had taken her with them, cruising the shores of Beleriand with her light sailing boat.

Having followed Lord Nowë (Círdan) from the beginning, they stayed with the Falathrim until the dawn of the Second Age of the Sun, where both passed to the Ancient West.

However, their child Vanyariel did not abandon Middle-Earth, for she loved the hither lands, and yet even more she loved the sea, and she had not laughed even once until  seeing the Great Sundering Sea. The first word she had ever uttered as a child was "Gaiar" (Telerin / Lindárin for: Great Sea).


Deep in her heart she knew: She was a daughter of Belegaer, and she would always be.


Aeriaeth, Aurineth, Gwinglaer, Glorendir, Alphivril, Thrymli and her ever-hungry little turtle, Maitaráto
None left in Middle-Earth
The Sea, the Stars, the Sky, the Wind, a stormy evening after a sunny day, sunrise after a stormy night. Ships and boats. Fair shores. Exploring. Her people. Turtles
Narrow Valleys, dark chambers, mountain paths. Turtle soup
Dialogue with nature. To enjoy peace and prosperity, and to share mirth and happiness with her people. To escape war and suffering
Andané, avad alata, de epë: abá... (Long ago, away from radiance, you said: Don't...) [Telerin]

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