Haradraug Meluihir

Name Haradraug
Ranger of the North
Looks of around 50-60.
Has no residency. Wanderer.
Outward Appearance

Haradraug looks like he's been through a lot. Battle-worn menacing demon, who had plenty of fights to tell stories about them. He stands about 6'10 and weights around 220 lbs. He has no particular muscular build, but he is big and built like a lumberjack, who has natural strength to bend mountains. He usually doesn't shave because he has no time for it, so you can find him with his beard, whiskers or mustache. His hair is gray. He has one big scar across his blind right eye, which shows the reason he is blind on one eye. All his teeth are present, face is otherwise clean. He is not a dirty type of a person. He looks after himself as much as he can. He wears either navy outfits or black outfits, both ranger attires.


He has 6 weapons which he uses at all times:

2x Elven long swords which he calls "Gwenun"

2x Gondorian long swords which he calls "Raug"

1x Elven dagger

1x Nicely carved Elven bow

Otherwise there are always one dagger hidden either in his boot or gauntlet, for cutting stuff. He looks wise as he is old, but that doesn't make him physically old. He is at the peak of his years, being lively as ever. He has more years of fights to come, and he is prepared. He bears a lot of scars including a blind eye and a missing finger. As for northern star - it is always concealed.





                                                 first chapter.

Haradraug Meluihir, was born in Evendim around 2860 of the Third Age. He was brought by his mother Gwenda, who was married to Thirnur of Forochel. He was the first baby out of 2 in his family, where the second one was Seregul, his sister. He was an ordinary child until he reached 20 years of age, where he started serving as a patrolling ranger in Evendim, scouting the areas around Tinnudir, Annuminas and the west bank of the lake Evendim. His passion for swords made him a good melee combater, who acted extremely enthusiastic towards learning the skill of different melee weapons like clubs, daggers, swords, big swords, axes etc. He was not very keen on learning how to use the bow at the beginning, but his duty made him learn at last. At around 2910 T. A. Haradraug was an honorary and dedicated ranger of Evendim, who was allowed to plan his own routes on scouting. At this time there was an attack on his home house, which caused the death of his lovely mother and father. Haradraug was furious. He was never that angrily. By 2936 he became a leader of one of the scouting units, which gave him some significance. And at this age he married Estel, his wife for the future years. In 2954 they had two babies. Twins, if you can say that. One was called Keo and the other one was called Teo. Their mother, Estel, died as she was giving birth to both babies, and Haradraug fell into depression. He had to depart a few days after the babies were born, so he had to abandon his only family. He gave Teo and Keo to different families and sadly departed.


                                                second chapter.

After years of going back and forth between frontiers, being honoured by most notable in command and, at lest, being able to settle for close to his homeland, Haradraug has found a group of local Bree-land rangers that he joined and was welcomed into as kindly as always - for brothers need no see one another to know they are blood. He spent a vast amount in the company of a ranger named Aeruthuil and continues to do so. But his occasional notoriety gets to him and he wanders off somewhere, seeking glory among bloodshed in companies of veterans of the frontier. Vicious demon.

He has made great many friends by now. A friendly fella.
Father: Thirnur (2910 ✞) Mother: Gwenda (2910 ✞) Spouse: Estel (2954 ✞) Sister: Seregul (3000 ✞) Children: Keo, Teo (both MIA)
The followers of Morgoth.
Romantic novels
There are many things Haradraug hates. It is a pain in the arse to list them.
Honestly, just fighting. He has lost everything that motivated him.
"Charlie" references

Haradraug's Adventures

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Haradraug's Adventures

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Haradraug's Gallery