Name Ayiana
She looks fairly young, around her twenties
No where
Outward Appearance


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Ayiana stands at only 5'7 feet, considered on the smaller side by her kind. Her silky dark hair barely touching her shoulders, but the ends of her hair would show the girl would use a blade to cut her hair making it far from even and neat. Her small and thin frame is dressed in old and dark clothing with few patches of leather to protect her against minor injuries she may encounter in the wild.


A few years ago: Ayiana was a young woman in her early twenties who in the past was often found with her friends in Bree Town, until a to her then unknown man approached her. His name was Helegrandir, he said, and he knew more about her than she ever did before meeting him. He convinced her to travel with him, for purposes to her then unclear until he revealed the complete truth to her.

Now: Ayiana now after intensive training has become one of Helegrandir's most praised students he has ever had. Together with her mentor she travels around Arda, trying to aid those in need. When they are apart, Ayiana finds use in other matters by providing her old mentor and the other men with information most precious to them.
She still now and then visits the Town of Bree, even if it is for sentimental values at best, still unclear of what truly happened in her past as a child and where her family has gone.

((...A little background OOC: Ayiana and Sigfread have been voided, this including their romantic relationship due to the difficulty it has been for both players to be around at the same moment...I apologize to those who'll have trouble sorting this with their personal roleplay if your character/s knew the couple but you are always free to send me a message to work something out! ))

Her newly found friend Arnfried, she adores Fiontann and her old Mentor Helegrandir...
None that she currently knows of.
The man who killed her 'family'.
Blueberries, red apples, nature's beauty and the beauty within all
Death and despair
''But why do we hurt each other, if none of us want to be hurt?''

Ayiana's Adventures

The Diary of Ayiana, Arnfried 2 years 3 months ago
The Diary of Ayiana, Returning to Bree 2 years 5 months ago
Ayiana's Adventures

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Ayiana's Gallery