Name Anglachelm
Outward Appearance

This blue-silver clad elf stands tall and proud, looking at you with questioning (almost inquisitive) gaze. Swan wings are engraved to his navy blue hauberk and while he moves you get an impression that he is very well armoured. Anglachelm almost always seem to be buried in deep thoughts. When he looks at you, you get a strange impression that he watches some horrible past event in your direction. The rumors confirm that he has seen and lived through many unbearable sorrows as well. Still he seems always welcoming and kind to his own race but looking doubtful and suspicious towards men. He speaks in a clear tone and seems somewhat attractive. If you can notice, his hands are soaked with a dried redish substance and gives him a disturbing appearance, very contrasting with his lordly manners. Neither he speaks the true nature of his blooded-hands nor answers your questions about it. However scholars generally agree that this blood-soaked hands are a common illusion amongst the race of Noldor, who bear the guilt of Alqualondé forever. If so, This might be a such a great sin which can pass from guilty fathers to their sons. He is an extraordinarily tall (1.94m) and muscular elf and fights very stubbornly. He carries either immensely large and richly engraved Shield of Noldor with a blue hilt one hander, or a large Greatsword.


Anglachelm was born in Gondolin, 456th year of the first age of the sun. As a member of the Bar-en Galadh house of Ondolindé.

His first years in the city was serene and joyful as much as it could be. Having been lived under the grey clouds of the Angband, and yet unseen to the dark lord might have been given temporary peace to the inhabitants of the city. Anglachelm himself was feeling himself safe behind the seven gates and high walls of the white city, like many others of his kind. During his stay in the White City, Anglachelm had been trained as a shieldfighter in the city barracks. While his Galadhron family traditions forced him to get his first training with clubs and scepters, he always seemed interested in blades, both wielding and crafting them.

The tragedy struck the noblest folk of the remaining Noldor in the Beleriand while they were having a feast. King Turgon of Noldor was not idle in his years of the city, and the city defences were better in Gondolin than any other keep in the history of Middle-earth. But the magnitude of treacheary which Maeglin committed was so great, that few walls or elven weapons could counter that with ease. The power of Morgoth Bauglir was great indeed, he could use your own love to anything as a weapon to damage yourself. And he did the same to son of Aredhel Ar-Feiniel. He was entrapped in his own love and betrayed to his people by telling Morgoth the secret ways to approach and assault the city... Morgoth was happy and he spared no captain in his army behind. Hordes of Angband marched upon Anglachelm's lone and fair city to assure its total destruction. And the time of their deaths were set.

When the Balrogs leapt onto the high towers, laughter and joyful serenades in the streets turned into cries of despair and shouts of commands. Day of the long expected battle had reached. Circle guards were now looking into the north and seeing countless orcs trolls and other curs of Angband was pouring into the Tumladen fields, encricling the city.

And in the end, when the day is over, Eldar was weeping. Princess Idril saved many of the Gondolindrim at that day by a secret passage goes under the mountains and Anglachelm was one of the survivors, retrating to the havens of Eglarest in despair. There are many woeful songs about the sorrows of the road but no sorrow of that day inflicted a heavier wound of Anglachelm than seeing the destruction of Turgon's tower. As Turgon himself was standing tall and proud on his tower he fixed his eyes to the west, maybe with a vain hope of a help in the last minute, Ang stared to him with tearful eyes before entering the hidden passage.

The days after the Gondolin meant little to Anglachelm. He lost his family, his order, his king and his beloved city and now was feeling himself unsafe and alone, unprotected to the sorrows of world. His group managed to reach Eglarest with deepest wounds in the heart and no one can say how many months they have sat in the shore line, looking westwards. The time of Noldor's reconcilation had not yet come. Between the day he arrived to Eglarest and the war of wrath, Anglachelm formed his own house with Themodir of Bar en Egalmuth and called it Vanimar. Then they both traveled north and south in vain, with a hope of finding their relatives. But the Gondolindrim were either massacred in the city to please orcish captains, or enslaved to work in the mines of Angband. They could find very little of them until their reunion in Lindon.


After War of Wrath, Beleriand became inhospitable and thousands of earthquakes shook the face of earth for weeks. Lord Cirdan counseled to travel eastwards instead of west and many of the Noldor accepted the idea. For the years of sorrow had not made them so unweary and there were yet lands left untamed and free to reign over. Vanimar elves dropped anchor in the bay of harlindon together with their sindar hosts and settled there for an age. Throughout the second age, Anglachelm's main concern was reuniting with his long lost relatives and friends of Gondolin. And in a fortunate and blessed day, he managed to find his sister Anguirelm, by the shoreline with many other eldar of beleriand, seeking refuge. Anglachelm realized she was enslaved in the city crippled her mind in the years of servitude to Angband. It was again a great sorrow to Anglachelm to see her younger sister couldnt even realize and know him, even couldnt remember her own name. She has regained some of her memories and the power under Vanimarian supervision. But to a level of course.

Vanimar bid allegiance to King Gil-galad son of Fingon when he declared his titles officially. And then the king himself helped the house a lot to find their relatives from Beleriand. But as the time passes, the chances to finding them lowered even more, hence Vanimar opened its gates to any Noldor elf from beleriand and then even to the Sindar. Anglachelm roamed the western coast in the second age but mostly lived in Eregion, After its downfall he returned the Lindon and thus he is widely known as Anglachelm of Lindon. And in the end of the second age, still being unfit to the battle, Angla handed the banners of his family to Themodir of Gondolin and thus he made his house had represented in the War of Last Alliance.

Now slowly regained his will to fight and anger towards to the orc kind. Anglachelm took his weapons once again and started to assault angmarim forces. As the Gil-Galad is no more, He recognizes Galadriel as the Queen of Noldor (a title which she never uses) and acts mostly independent with his house. He is mostly sad with the weight of his memories but tries to overcome his sadness with a strange sense of humour.

Sister: Anguirelm
Enemies of the elven kind
Noldor elves, Loyalty, Bravery, Order, Truth
Name of Morgoth, Betrayal, Cowardice, Indecision, Lies
To provide a safe haven to any Noldor who are seeking a home
"We are Noldor! Few ever changed our courses by counsel, None by force."

Anglachelm's Adventures

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Anglachelm's Adventures

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