Name Dielenath
Poet and singer
Relatively young, though matured.
Outward Appearance


Basics:  She is an average height, and average, lithe build. With long silver hair, crystal green eyes, and pale skin. 

Often she has a thoughtful or dreaming look on her face.


Clothing: Her worn clothing consists entirely of dresses, though she has a couple of robes in her possession. Pinks, whites and greys make up her attire.

          Her formal clothing trails on the ground slightly, with long, swooping sleeves.        Often done up with a decided lack of jewellry, save for a single, simple silver circlet set lightly on her head, that had been her mothers.

          Her dancing dresses barely brush the ground, and regardless of whether her hair is up or left to flow freely, she has flowers perched on, or tucked into her locks.

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"Dielenath? Oh yes, I knew both her parents when I was still young. She is a nice girl. Proper and elegant, if a bit shy. She looks of night and acts of the day, in spirit. Curious thing to see, really, but we cannot all match our hair!" She paused to laugh, jokingly patting the gold locks of her head. "I hardly hear her say a word! She will often smile at you and nod, but never speaks unless spoken to. I wonder if it's timidity or propriety?  I was just asking her mother if the girl has not found a suitor yet. It seems they get married earlier and earlier on, now. This one is resistant, though, and fittingly so! Let her keep her wind and string and dance long until this Elda has sailed.  But watch, she shall be courting someone by next echuir!"


Blood origin:  Sindar

Personality:  Smiling frequently, she has an aura of benevolence to her. Even with the grace imbued into her through her classic raising, she laughs easily and has a carefree nature.

Backstory:  Her life has not been a very interesting one, by the definition of most. Having a simple life and raising within the beauteous confines of Imladris.

Family: Her mother, celefin, is a tailor in the region, and her father is a gardener. She has an elder brother, as well, who in a state of ambition serves as one of the border-guards of the region. Her silver hair is that of her mother.

Occupation: Poet, dancer, singer and player of woodwinds, her primary definition of occupation is simply bringing joy and art to those around her. She could not be more happy than in this role, and she serves it well, and it her.

Combat: She has no sense of combat whatsoever. In fact, she is really quite defenseless. But this tends not to matter, as she rarely leaves her beloved valley.


Known and beloved in the valley, she gets along with most everyone, save for the more melancholy elders.
Her family in Imladris.
She is a peaceful being.
Music, poetry, dancing... life in general.
War, people who dwell on war. Death.
She has little motivation, as her world turns on very much outside of the greater picture. However, one might say her primary goal is to bring light and emotional peace.

Dielenath's Adventures

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Dielenath's Adventures

Dielenath's Gallery

Dielenath's Gallery