Adellwise "Dell" Fairford

Name Adellwise
The Fairford Farm of Frogmorton / 6 Myrtle Court, Daisyglen
Outward Appearance

One may note him a bit on the skinny side (his ma will gladly tell you if you ask), but how one might tell under all of those clothes is another matter entirely. He's quite fond of hats and scarves and will wear them even when it seems too hot to do so. If one happens to catch him without a hat, one can see an unruly head of sun-bleached hair (from many summers on the farm) and a herd of freckles across his face and often mischievous blue eyes. He's quite tall for a hobbit, something he likes to hold over his sister's head (along with holding many other things out of her reach).


The Fairfords and the Greenbanks had owned farms beside one another just south of Frogmorton for as long as either could remember. They shared a pasture split down the middle by a large hill. Much to the pride of Polo and Lumiona Greenbank and Adellac and Ignia Fairford, their families became connected when one of Adellac's daughters, Grevilea, was married to Polo's son, Flambard. As for the Fairfords, Adellac's other daughter, Camilia, was married to Freddic Brownlock, and she had wished to retain the family name (as it was well-respected and Freddic had no objection). 

Camilia and Freddic had a son, Adellwise, and a daughter, Iridacia. Grevilea and Flambard had two sons, Holfast and Fortenwise. Holfast was the eldest, and preferred not to be bothered in his studies, as he had dreams outside the farm, and so Adellwise was never very close to him. Adellwise and Fortenwise, whose similar names were a source of amusement to their parents, were merely a couple of years apart, Adellwise being the elder of the two (though many claim it must be the other way around). They spent much of their younger years together, playing throughout the Shire and causing a good deal of trouble. Iridacia was the last to be born, nearly ten years after Adellwise. 

After the deaths of Grevilea, Flambard, and Holfast, Fortenwise came to live with the Fairfords and they inherited the remainder of the Greenbank's property and belongings.

Younger Sister: Iridacia, Cousin: Fortenwise
Good food, good drink, harmless pranks, and spending time with family and friends.
Brigands, bad crops, and getting pushed around by Big Folk.
To find some adventure outside the farm.
"Oh dear, not again..."

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Adellwise's Adventures

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