Adanmiel Haerelwen

Name Adanmiel
Huntsman, Scholar
Born in the Year of the Trees
Outward Appearance

Before you stands an Elf-maiden of the Nandor ("those who turn back"), one of the Teleri. She is tall and slender, and like many of her kind, her complexion is flawless. Her eyes are hazel. She has dark hair, the colour of the woods, that falls gently on her shoulders, held from her face by a woven hair-band of golden threads. However, during her travels with the notion that she will have to face her foes, her hair is braided to the side. 


She carries on her back a large elegant longbow, crafted from ancient Mallorn, the sign of an Elven huntsman. At her side are two blades.


Having spoken Nandorin whilst in her young age, Adanmiel has held onto the extinct language, only speaking in rarely whilst in the company of her clan. Adanmiel speaks to elves in Sindarin, most often with influence of Doriathrin, the dialect of the Sindar elves of Doriath. Among Men, Adanmiel speaks Common Tongue, but is more inclined to speak Sindarin if they can do so. 


Adanmiel is kind to her own kin, the Silvan (Wood-elves), descendants of the Nandor, and to the Sindar, as they are of the Teleri as well. She is respectful to the Noldor, quite friendly among some, but has not forgotten the kinslayings of the First Age, attributing to her understanding  of the origin of the wars between the elves and Morgoth. Adanmiel dislikes dwarves as she finds them greedy, content to dig further and further into the earth for gold and jewels.  Adanmiel distrusts Men, having seen them fall to greed and power; however, she has great respect for the Dunedain Rangers of the North and is quite fond of them. 


Among her faithful companions include her white steed that she calls Llamreth. Adanmiel also has a small fox that she calls Mune, a friend she made whilst riding in the Trollshaws. 


Following the Second Sundering of the Elves, Adanmiel was born in the Vales of Anduin. She was brought into Beleriand by her parents under the voyage of Denethor, son of Lenwe. Her family found peace and protection under King Thingol of Doriath and they settled in Ossiriand under  their own king, King Denethor, up until the First Battle of the Wars of Beleriand.  When King Thingol called upon King Denethor and his Nandor to fight, Adanmiel rose to join her kin in arms, thus watching many of her companions, including her parents, fall to the orc-host.  

After the fall of Lord Denethor, she fled south to Edhellond with the Sindar elves. Wary of the world, mourning over the loss of her King and kin, Adanmiel lived quietly among the elves in Edhellond during the First and Second Age, never traveling beyond sight of the harbour. She eventually departed Edhellond in the Third Age. and headed north, following the death of Amroth in the Bay of Belfalas.  She traveled up the Anduin and came upon Caras Galadhon, she stayed among the Galadhrim, many of whom were old friends and acquaintances from years past.  Adanmiel honed her skills with the bow and arrow  in the Golden Wood, serving the Lord and Lady faithfully for most of the Third Age.  

She now resides in Imladris and was sworn in as a maethor of the Warband of Imladris. The Warband has since disbanded and her fate remains unknown at this time. 

Adan - 'One of the Second people/elvish name for Men'; 'iel' - 'Daughter, maiden':
A name given to her by the Lady for she will find her fate among Men before she diminishes into the West. Her birth name is only known to the Nandor.

Celeblhair, Tauviel, Fiontann, and those of the Maethelyn.
Brotherly Figure: Razilion
Animals, the trees, music, stories of the eldar, starlight and the warmth of a fire.
Morgoth. She has little patience for those who exhibit arrogance, greed, rashness.
To protect the beauty of the forests and rivers, to protect the Nandor culture.
Choices lie on the hinges of the fate of all Middle-Earth.

Adanmiel's Adventures

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Adanmiel's Adventures

Adanmiel's Gallery

Adanmiel's Gallery