Name Cynraede
Hunter, Woodworker
Can be found in many different places, how ever the Plaza overlooking the harbours in Celondim. Often times wanders through out the Blue mountains for days, sometimes weeks at a time.
Outward Appearance

The hunter stands tall, more so than normal men. His hair, crudely cut to just above his shoulder, often pulled back in a small pony tail, a small patch of hair has started to grow where a braid once was. The beard that covers most of his face is closely shorn, spots of skin peaking through as if the skin had been cut. His shoulders slender, and his build muscular, it is clear he is in shape and fit. His body, covered in black markings that stretch along his body, often referred to as his 'tainted marks'. 


His dress is simply, rough and often poor and tattered. Giving the impression he has little, but cares not. His weapons are cared for meticulously and it is evident that he has had much experience in their use and upkeep. To most, he would seem but a smiple hunter.


Cynraede was raised amoung the peasents and lower workings in  the great city of Osgiliath, the beautiful capital of Gondor. While the others begged for coin or scraps, he would do small jobs for the soldiers that were garrisoned there. Who in turn  would often times give him food and allow him to set close to the fire with them as they told stories of warfare and battles in far off lands.

By the time he was growing into a young man, one of the men of the guard was teaching him how to hunt, showing him how to track the animals by the markings they left behind. Several years passed before Cynraede had been allowed to hunt with an actual weapon, instead only tracking and stalking the animals, learning their habits and instincts.

As he was returning to a hunt on eve, he noticed there was a small gathering around the middle of the city as the older man who had taught him how to hunt, being thrown out from the city for accusations of treason. As he was stepping into the half circle of people, he felt armored hands clench around his arms and pull him violently from his feet, throwing him against the cold stone ground beside the man.  Looking up at the one who had arranged all of this, shortly before he was picked up along with the man and tossed outside the gates. All he could do was look upon the walls of the city that had betrayed him. He knew he could no longer go back to the place he once called home, that he had no home. This was his new life, and he welcomed it with open arms.

Duramarth, Fairlain, Wulfthred, Rannie, Alkawen, Sybri, Bulivye, Gaildrin
Aphar, any who serve the darkness and wish harm upon those of the light
The smell, and feel of rain, Fairlain, forests, quiet places, squirrels, strong mead, fresh game
Orcs, weak men, Bree, wargs, being interrupted, Yilgtig, East-men, those who question him, any who disrespect the people he cares about, weak women, men who boast
To find rest, to one day be able to relax
"It takes skill to kill something others cannot, it takes perfection to kill what others cannot see."

Cynraede's Adventures

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Cynraede's Adventures

Cynraede's Gallery

Cynraede's Gallery