Yllisa Greenflower

Name Yllisa
2 Myrtle Court in Bramblebury, Shire Homesteads
Outward Appearance

 Yllisa is a normal hobbit. With black hair and blue eyes. She has a big scar on her face. Most times wears her blue dress.


''*coughs a few times*
.. Sorry it is not easy for me to tell this story, not used to tell people.

A long long time ago.. When I was a little hobbit girl, yes even shorter then now! My mother disappeared when my sister was born. Since then our father took care of us. But after a few months he got ill. Very ill. My father asked me to go to Archet, and buy medicine for him. It was the only change for him to get better. So I went to Archet, but not alone. I had to take my baby sister with me, because my father couldn’t take care of her. We had no money… so I had to beg for food for me and my sister, I got money by hunting wolves and selling their pelts. But that was too dangerous for my little sister. A wolf almost got her, but I was able to keep him off her.. that’s why I have a big scar on my face.

Then I decided that my sister couldn’t stay with me during hunting anymore. But I had to continue hunting, to get money for the medicine. I found a nice hobbit lady, she offered to take care of my sister while I was hunting. She looked like a very nice and old lady that you could trust. After a long, and heavy day of hunting, my bags were full with wolf and bear pelts so I went back to the city. To pick up my little sister. But, when I arrived at the city, the hobbit lady was… GONE. And so was my sister, I couldn’t find her anymore. I looked for days, weeks, months for my little baby sister. But she was gone, could not find her. After a few months I decided that I had to go back to my father, to give him the medicine.

But I was too late, the medicine didn’t work anymore. And my father got even more sick when I told him that I lost his little girl. I stayed with my father for months, to take care of him. Couldn’t leave him to look for my sister, because he needed to be taken care of all day. After a few long and heavy months, my father died. And since that day, I have been looking for my little sister.''

People from her kinship and some other hobbits. And also two lovely elves.
Is looking for her long lost sister.
Pie, music and dancing.
Long long long stories or poems..
Finding her sister!

Yllisa's Adventures

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Yllisa's Adventures

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Yllisa's Gallery