Bregir Stoutheart of The Lonely Mountain

Name Bregir
Messenger of the Dwarven Realms
Middle Aged
Travels wide and far
Outward Appearance

Before you stands a stoutly built dwarf with bright yellow hair. He is usually clad in practical travellers clothing of fine quality and bright colours. His age is hard to establish, but his face is burnt by many hours under the sun, wrinkled and leathery. None the less, it will part in a smile as honest as that of a child, showing deep dimples and multiple lines upon his countenance. His beard is well trimmed and groomed, and kept much shorter than that of most other dwarves, allowing you a more direct view to the often friendly expression upon his face.

A keen observer might notice signs of an almost disturbing degree of understanding of the part on the dwarf when engaged in social interaction. His eyes seem to pierce the mind of those with whom he speaks, however, most people will never notice, and his honest smile and friendly ways often quickly brings him on good terms with those around him.

His voice is deep and powerful when need be, but is normally kept in a low and peaceful tone. He seems to choose his words carefully, talking in the elaborate manner common to many dwarves. Normally, he will let you speak, listening attentively and urging you on. However, should you venture to get him started, he may ramble on for hours, talking with great zeal and a not neglible amount of skill. It may become tedious, though, should the subject be of less interest to you than it is to him.


As a Dwarf of King Dains people, Bregir travelled with the Dwarven army from the Iron Hills to aid Thorin Oakenshield in Erebor. His tasks were those of a runner or courier, and as such he took part in 'The Battle of the Five Armies', conveying messages up and down the lines as he had done in many skirmishes in the east. It is possible that he earned his name here, but it is not a story he often shares.

As the new kingdom settled, Bregir settled with it. Yet being stationary was a shortlived state for the energetic dwarf, and soon he was reassigned from his military duties to the diplomatic service of the new realm. His superiors found that Bregir had skills somewhat rare for a dwarf. His time as a runner had taught him the necessity of conveying messages clearly and precisely, and it soon became clear he had special talents in this field. Furthermore, he quickly became known as an exquisite judge of character, his warm and friendly eyes seeing through many a facade.

Through years of travelling in service of his king and through his keen interest in linguistics, he learned several tongues, although not always entirely fluent.  He quickly rose through the ranks and started carrying messages of greater and greater significance, ultimately with a great discretion in many negotiations.

Today he travels the lands of Middle Earth wide and far in service of his King and Country and will often be seen on his way somewhere with a leather-bound set of despatches. He is kept busy by many communications needing a curier and a diplomatic mind on their way between the settlements of Eriador, yet from time to time, he is at leisure and will spend his time in an inn or any other place that will offer hospitality.

A good pipeweed, being on the road
Goblins, arrogance
His duty to king and country
"Who are we to judge the motivations of others?.."

Bregir's Adventures

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Bregir's Adventures

Bregir's Gallery

Bregir's Gallery