Hey Fellas! I'm happy to annonce that "People Of Gondor" are recruiting again! "People of Gondor" is RP Gondor based kinship. besides the RP we're doing raids, instances, end-game and helping with quests and gear. so please feel more than welcome to join our ranks! for any more information please contact Belenir 

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The Orb and Sword Tavern is looking for new staff!


We are looking for:

~ Cook    >    You need to be skilled at cooking great quality meals for this position. If you get the position, you will be paid 180 silver per shift, which is about six hours long. You will be working most days a week.

~ Waiters and Waitresses   >   You need to be able to carry orders to patrons and be polite and friendly to patrons. If you get this position, you will be paid 160 silver per shift.

~ Cleaner   >   You need to clean the tables after patrons have finished using them, as well as washing up plates and tankards after they have been used. If you get this position, you will be paid 130 silver per shift.


If you want to apply to one of these positions, please talk to Brudis, the barkeeper, or send her a letter. The Orb and Sword Tavern is located in the Cape of Belfalas, Braiglad, at 2 Windy Lane.

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