(Please be aware this is going to be a Med-heavy RP. So it wont be like RP you see before the Pony, but instead more serious in character)

Greetings reader! 

As some of you might've noticed there is a large growth of Orphans in Bree alone since the war against the Shadow. Well the build of Orphanages by Lady Joselle Long from Gondor is greatly appreciated, the Orphans lack a supply of toys. 

Enter Dale, the city just bordering Erebor, east of the Misty Mountains and the dark Mirkwood. That city creates toys perfect for these kids. Thus we need to get a caravan together and travel the road once travelled by Thorin and company. To get us toys for the Orphans in Breeland. It will be a dangerous road, but it be worth it! 

Though we still need to discuss who and when! Send me requests via letter (I ask Barliman everyday, so you can just give it to him). And keep an eye on the Billboard for when it is planned to go!


((To find a right date for, please send me (Valkoin or Aevwyn) an ingame mail. If you have me via Discord, you can do it via that aswell,))

24-02-24 [more]

Name: Deorla

Alias: The Shadow Prowler


  • Race: Man 
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Appears to be in her mid 30
  • Height: Approximately 5'8" (173 cm)
  • Hair: Raven-black
  • Eyes: Piercing blue
  • Distinguishing Features: A small scar with an eyepatch on the left eye.


  • Murder of a ranger of the north.
  • Multiple Counts of Burglary
  • Intrusion into Secure Areas
  • Theft of Valuable Artifacts and Treasures
  • Grave robbing

Reward: A generous bounty of 50 Gold Coins for the capture or 25 Gold Coins for information leading to the arrest of Deorla. Approach with caution, as she is known to be agile and cunning.

Last Seen: Deorla was last spotted in the Treslebridge in North Downs but is believed to move frequently.

Danger Level: Considered highly dangerous. Do not attempt to confront her alone.

Contact Authorities: If you have any information regarding the whereabouts or activities of this individual, report to the local Guards' Headquarters in Bree or send a raven to the Captain of the Rangers of the North.

The safety of the realm depends on your cooperation.

[An official seal or emblem of the ruling authority is visible at the bottom of the poster]

29-07-23 [more]

A new group has been rumoured to operate throught out and Bree under the cover as members of the Ale Association. The identities of these individuals is currently unknown and citizens are advised not to cross these individuals after a series of alarming reports of strange behavior and allegations of criminal activity.

One individual under the unconfirmed name of "Khargur Grymhand" also known as 'The Undying' is rumoured to represent the organisation; and it is advised under no circumstances should any citizen seek to approach this individual and should contact the local authority immediately. 

22-06-23 [more]

14-06-23 [more]

The Elves of Lindamar are joining the OAKS

Lindamar, the ensemble of Bar-en-Vanimar is commemorating the Elves who have seen the idyllic beauty of the Shire on the way to the Grey Havens with a musical story. We gladly join Acorne Oakley's OAKS series on this March with the concert Raun ni Bardh (Voyage Home).

We hope to see you there.

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