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The Sword and Sickle Wayhouse is now open to travelers through the White Mountains in Rohan and Gondor. Beds and board are available for short and long term stay. Fill your belly, rest your feet, and leave your worries out on the road where they belong. 

Though the inn is run by Melvuior, who cooks three meals a day and delights in listeing to the tales of his guests, it is also looking for a number of workers to keep the ledger, wash the linens, tend the grounds, and keep the wayhouse up to the best standard of service for its guests. Inquire with the guards at Blithing's gate for directions to the Wayhouse, and ask for Melvuior. 

OOC: The wayhouse is a public destination for RPers playing in both Rohan and Gondor. It is located at 3 Ridge Road, Blithing, Kingstead Hills Homesteads. To get there, visit the broker's office in Bree, located at 31.3S, 51.2W and click on the Real Estate Ledger for the Kingstead Hills and visit Blithing. Head uphill to the market, and it’s the house directly west (uphill) from there. 

8-02-21 [more]

RP hook for all characters who reside on homesteads in West Rohan

It is otherwise peaceful when a Rider bearing the red banner of the West-March gallops up to the farmstead and asks for the man or woman in charge to come forward. His expression is urgent, but not panicked, his bearing stern, but not angry. He raises his voice for the whole homestead to hear. “People of the Isen dale! News spreads that isolated farms have been attacked in the valley, leaving many dead, but more missing. For the safety of your families and your farmhands, Fréasburg urges you to retreat behind its walls. Food and lodging for the winter will be provided for you, and compensation in the spring for the damage your homesteads have suffered. It is not easy, closing your homes for the winter, leaving behind what you know, but it might save your life. Ride with me, and meet the Lady Dytha who has issue me this order. Now then,” he asks, looking at the homestead’s leader for their answer. “What say you?”

Since Rohan doesn't have Notice Boards I figured this was the next best thing. Contact Dytha if you want to get involved in the plot we’re brewing, if you’re looking for more Rohan RP, or if you’ve not done Rohan RP before and want to give it a go!

15-11-19 [more]

To all people of Rohan: Nuovis is the name of the murderer and woman raised by elves. She is persecuted for the murder of the apothecary of Cliving. Last time she was seen in Woodhurst but she could be anywhere!

Appearance: She is young, 16 winters. 5.5ft, long blonde hair, blue eyes, lightly freckled cheeks, scar on her left cheek. She is probably wearing red coat and green hooded cloak. Her horse is white stallion with black saddle and blue saddlepad. 

Reward: 500 gold coins if you will get her alive! 

Signed: Athelward, the Reeve of Cliving

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