Hello Men of Bree-town! I am Todsi Silverbeard, son of Bodsi, of Erebor. I own a Caravan which heads to the Blue mountains to Erebor every year, and so every year do I need more able-bodied men to aid me, as we need guards, merchants, and anyone else who would be interested. Glory, coin, battle, and fame is all your's if you are interested. Come and find me in Ost Guruth for I shall await all who come, if any do!

((((OOC: This will be an on-going story arc run by Todsi, I, which will head to Erebor. We are currently in Ost Guruth and the lone-lands, but will be heading to Imladris tommorow, so if you do intend to join, then you'll have to meet us there, or we can do it later. Mail me here or in-game at Todsi.)))

10-03-18 [more]

The Auburn Company is a trading guild devoted to gaining money and improving our skills as traders. We travel Middle Earth in search of the best deals, from the Grey Havens to the Lonley Mountain and ever south to Minas Tirith.

Our ranks are made up of craftsmen and merchants, we often sponsor our craftsmen to study under masters of their crafts to increase their skill, and support our merchants in their trades.

Although many of our members know how to fight, we will need skilled fighters to protect us on the road from the frivolous dangers of Middle Earth.

If you are interested is joining, talk to Aldnarth, his red tunic and plumed hat make him easy to spot in the bustle of Bree.

26-02-18 [more]
Come on the 19th evening of Solmath

(Feb 9th 18:00/6pm in-game time)

Bring lanterns, candles, whatever you please
Drink and dance by the campfire under the stars
On the west hill at Pierson's Farm
marked on the map above 

((location has moved to south fields))
6-02-18 [more]

Heed thy safety folk of Breeland,

these recent days travelers have witnessed strange sightings of an old man that has approached them from the very flora itself. They speak of him demanding tales before the world goes black before their eyes. Then they wake up in all manner of -deadly- circumstances. We suspect this to be a dangerous madman befuddling minds of the unwary with spells before dragging them into danger.

We caution the people to not go into the woods by themselves. If you come across the sighting of an old man with a staff and a long beard, clothed in natural fabrics do not provoke and prevent engagement altogether if possible. 

In case of concern approach the barracks of the guard!

- Notary Bonnie Milkweed

(( /tell valknutr if you are at all interested in giving your dying character a sendoff. Valknutr may be the one to deliver it for a final farewell. Valknutr is also available for some ambiance of middle-earth emotes to add some atmosphere to your adventures.))

26-01-18 [more]

So many folks of Bree have gone neglected by our mayor and a large part of the town folk for far too long! I'm speaking to the beggars, homeless, orphans, injured sick or disabled, the lonely, workless, and outsiders. The Hawthorn Shelter and Refuge is meant to be a home for every one of you! We offer free food, beds, warmth, basic help with wounds and sickness, and the possibility to always earn some coin, by doing work that contributes back to the shelter and those in it.

If you do not fall in any of these categories, you're ofcourse still more than welcome!

Our doors are always open!
If not, knock, shout, throw rocks. We're happy to have you.

The adress is 5 Long Street, Bembridge

Sincerely, The Hawthorn Shelter and Refuge

Rest easy


P.s: We also need a cook , carpenter, smith, watchmen, a cleaner, gardener, and a maid. 


((We welcome anyone looking for a good RP time into the kin, regardless of their exact IC affiliations to the shelter. And we are always looking for people who want to help/RP along without joining as well!))

14-11-17 [more]

All are welcome to Owena's Sweet Shop at sundown on the second day of the week to help Owena Baker sample new recipes.  The event is free but food supply is limited.  All attendants are ask in return is to provide their feedback on what recipes they enjoyed most.  This will help create Owena's new menu.  


If you would like to set up a personal taste testing for your own event or business please send Owena Baker a message through the tavern keep, Barliman or leave a message with Timothy Baker that is near the public ovens on the west side of Bree.  


((OOC:  A very casual RP will take place at One Garden Street in the Towerglan Neighborhood on Tues.  Nov 14 at 8:30PM server time.  To discover what server time is type " /servertime " ))

14-11-17 [more]

Posters have been placed around Bree-town and its surrounding villages.

Locals and travelers alike are invited to celebrate the Hookworth Harvest Home event, on the 18th of November at three o'clock in the afternoon.

The residents of the village of Hookworth will be observing the peak of the harvest season with food and drink from the local farms, orchards, and vineyards. There will be a village-wide scavenger hunt and costume contest, with prizes for the winners and runners-up.

All are welcome to attend!

(OOC note: Hookworth is located in the Bree-land homesteads. Event begins at 3pm servertime/EST, 8pm GMT)

(Tavern menu found here: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/44497)

10-11-17 [more]

Have you ever thought of exploring the world? seeing it for it's greatness? well, The Mossy Wanderers is a newly formed band which has met and allied with the Lodge of Wanderers. The Mossy Wanderers is a adventuring band which will aid the Free People's when on said adventures but sadly due to threats among or near the roads, We travel in the wilderness, where it is safer to an extent. So, for the Free People's and or for yourself, Come and Join us throughout our adventures!


((If you wish to join the kin, leave a mail for me on LA or in-game at Cutwil.))

9-11-17 [more]

By decree of the merchants of Three Farrows, there shall be a weekly Craft Fair and Farmer's Market in the Bree square nearest the Three Farrow Crafting Hall, surrounding the boar fountain. The merchants of Bree-land, and traveling caravans from all of Eriador, will gather to buy and sell the finest wares of all sorts. This festive gathering is often host to merry bands of minstrels and jugglers, and sees gatherings to chat, gossip, and socialize, amongst the buying, selling, and trading. Come one and all to partake of the best commerce and most cheer you can find outside of the Prancing Pony.
((OOC: this is primarily an RP event. While some people might buy and sell game-crafted items for game-currency, don't feel limited by that; buy and sell anything that makes sense to exist in Bree. For instance, Lissabeth intends to sell candles, soaps, and fragrances. The event will occur on Sundays starting at 2pm servertime/EST, 9pm CET, 12pm PST, and running as long as people are interested.))

5-11-17 [more]

Hello! are you of need of a fur blanket or a hide or even some venison for your next stew? well then you have looked at the right piece of Paper. I'm Cutwil,Hunter, and i have plenty of fur and hides to meet your needs. If your a cook as well then i have some meats for sale if you so desire to buy some of my wares, leave a note at the Prancing pony or leave a note at my house at Conholt, 6 chestnut street.

((send a Ingame mail for Cutwil if you wish to buy some of his goods))

31-10-17 [more]

A number of cheaply produced flyers litter across Bree-town displaying a drawing of two men in masks like goats and an announcement in stylized font. 

The harvest is coming to an end and soon winter is upon us, but here in Bree-town the gentlemen Baldvin and Loakee have arranged for you good folk one last hurrah ere the coming of the snows. 

Join us for the Harvestmath's End the coming Saturday! 

Bring us food, bring us music, and bring us cheer! 

Games, dancing, and feasting awaits! 


Event link: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/44250

31-10-17 [more]

I am Aldnarth, I'm looking to start a company of traders and tradesmen alike, however, in a moon or so time ((whenever i have enough members)) I shall start to travel to Thorins Hall by road to learn more of our craft from the Dwarves there. Any are welcome to join the company and if you;re interested try to get a message through to me, I'll be in the crafting hall or at the Pny for an ale.


((OOC: basically, Im starting a kin based on craftsmen and merchants travelling around ME to sell their wares. When we travel to places we will actually walk there rather than using swift travel. I hope to get some good RP out of this, if you are interested message me through an IM, on here or through mail, have fun and see you soon!))

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