We are lookinng for:

-Lord Treasurer, must have experience demonstrable

-Metalsmithers, prospectors and jewelers


For applying just write directly to Sir Lothar Dayne



The Honourable West Company of Commerce

Xhaon Daxos, the Left Hand



4-10-18 [more]

A notice issued to all villages, townships and cities of Men by Iavasdir, Lord of Dorwinion, seeking information regarding a Man found wandering ragged and bewildered among the vineyards of his realm. (Composed in the Common Tongue by a Dorwinion scribe and signed by Lord Iavasdir; with notations by Graeme Tenderlarch, Mayor of Bree, and Bonnie Milkweed, Notary of Bree-town.)

P.S. To avoid confusion it should please be noted that while Quendendil's profile records the entirety of his sojourn in Dorwinion, his "adventures" -- thus far -- take place during that time. i.e. ICly, he has not yet departed that elven realm.

1-10-18 [more]

A stranger appears from the shadows and tells you, “An ancient order of Knight and Septarian once secret, has emerged as a beacon of light among the darkness. With the vanishing of Our Lady the Grandmaster, one of her knights takes up the banner, sounding a rally cry to those who would listen.”

He then hands you a piece of rolled up parchment which reads: 

((Reach out to [Duramarth, Cynraede or any other kin member for details here or in game.))

22-09-18 [more]

Deorla - Wanted dead or alive.
She is a murder and a thief, forbidden in Bree, Evendim and North Downs.
We decided to place bounty on her head worth 50g.
Anyone who is aiding and know where she is hiding will be also treated as a traitor to the country and be put in jail.
Thank you.

20-08-18 [more]


All kinds of races and characters are welcome as long as they are realistic and within lore.

18-08-18 [more]

Inquire with Freyga, Maldwyn, Geswine, & Gamwyn at the Meadhall of Middleham.

2-07-18 [more]

The message would not be written on any poster, but occasionally the town crier would shout it.


Labourers sought for turning abandoned land back into farmland! The pay is fifteen silver pence a week for men, twelve a week for women, and seven a week for children! Seek out Gerlof the spice merchant!

25-06-18 [more]

It has been decided, through long debates and meetings, that no matter the criminal activity that has been seen upon and through the streets of Bree, that business and trade must flow throughout this great town. So, the market will continue to operate at its regular time, that being 4:00 at the dot. So come, merchants of Bree. 

((The Event will start at 4:00 servertime, as it did in the past, and will end at 7:00 servertime.))

6-06-18 [more]

Pig out at The Thirsty Boar!



The inn of The Black Steel that Fiontann is running.

Everyone welcome for serious and fun RP!!

28-05-18 [more]

Hear ye, hear ye, citizens, merchants, watchers, and travelers of Bree, the Council of merchants is inviting anyone to join it's roster. Come, gain coin, propose business ventures, resolve issues which would not be beneficial to anyone, and gain multiple business partners. We accept anyone that is a merchant of some kind, or someone that aspires to be a merchant. So, come, gain coin, serve Bree, and most importantly, gain business alliances. If interested, leave a note for Sigebyrht at the Prancing Pony Inn, the finest of inns in this land, or leave a note at 2 Long Street, Towerfold, Breeland Homesteads.

((Send a tell to Sigebyrht, here, or in-game, or if you wish to contact me via third party, then my Discord name is Kalmar#8431. Information is always provided about the kin, any questions, don't hesitate to ask!))

14-05-18 [more]


"ATTENTION!" reads the bold caption at the head of the new, well printed flyer. These have been popping up in Bree on notice boards and other common locations around town, drawing the eyes of passers by with the image of a pale boar in a black background painted above the words. "My name is Captain Myrana Woodrow of the Blackwatch. I call to your sense of justice to come forward with information concerning the activities of any organization of outlaws. Any information you can provide to confirm locations and activities will be used to put an end to such behavior. To those who are not content to merely guide us in the right direction, speak to the Watch to ask about joining the Blackwatch, and you will be given a chance to fight for the protection of Bree and its people."


(( OOC, Blackwatch is a Watch based militia intent on maintaining peace for Bree. We are recruiting, feel free to message me for information, or to ask about joining up with us or involving in RP. ))

11-05-18 [more]

5-05-18 [more]