In search of a woman who goes by the name of Rhoana Itala, or a Lahja Itala. Also a fellow by the name of Olver or a woman Silaen may be of some assistance...if anyone knows of these people, I would be most grateful to hear from you. A simple note given to Mister Butterbur would suffice, or contact to the halls in Westcomb, Bree. With thanks Gleorwyn of the Westfold.
1-09-09 [more]

For this week only, the People of the Shire will be hosting a tavern night in the Bird and Baby, Michel Delving.

Aiming to start around 8pm ((servertime)) and go on until the ale runs dry!

The Pied Pipers plan to perform and there may also be some riddling.

All welcome!

~Silkweed Tuneweaver~

24-08-09 [more]

~ LOST ~ one small dog..very eye and only three partialy deaf, incontinent, and has lost most of his hair. Answers to the name LUCKY. IF found contact me at the pony ... Donhelm

14-08-09 [more]

Are you a dressmaker? A designer? Just a Hobbit with a very fine sense for snazzy costumes? Then this may be your big chance!
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to design a uniform for the Pied Pipers. Yes -- the same Pied Pipers that wowed Stock with their number one hit 'Four Pies in Isengard' - the Pied Pipers that are known throughout the Shire and Ered Luin for their spotless performances of 'Hobbiton Fayre' and 'A Brigands Life For Me' may be wearing YOUR creations!
Do not delay - send in your entry today!

Written and drawn applications sent to:
Cloves, the Amazeling
c/o the Green Dragon Inn
The Shire

no later than
19th Wedmath 1914 S.R.

7-08-09 [more]
If you are a hobbit, and a valiant one to be honest, we are in need of your services! People of Shire are looking for more brave warriors to join our ranks! Contact one of the shiriffs,who wander the roads of Shire, to join!
7-08-09 [more]

The Grey Repository is in need of coloured pencils in the colours of: Blue, red, yellow and green. Preferably very thick and strong ones so the scribes won't break them, because they mysteriously keep breaking them after conversations with me for longer use.

Khendrah, Overseer at The Grey Repository.

6-08-09 [more]
Wanted for The Defenders of The Free People: Blacksmiths, Healers, Cooks, Fighters, Archers, Horsemen, Guards, anyone willing to join The Defenders of The Free People. Seek and speak to Recruitment Officers Ethelceo and Anwolf.
5-08-09 [more]
A hundred pieces of Silver will go out to any that can give me the name of the filthy Gondorian i fought with last night, he wore a nasty plain tunic in white and had filthy brown longish hair. Regards, Faustino
5-08-09 [more]
To replenish our stock of wine in the Prancing Pony Inn, desperate in need of a fresh crate of the special vintage 1404 from the Shire. Our regular supplier seems to have vanished. And it's been more than a week, we're running out of bottles. This wine is said to have been bought from a tavern called 'The Green Lizzard', in a village called Baywater(?) ...perhaps the locals over there could help. If ye start investigating in the Shire remember to say 'please' to the little folk
5-08-09 [more]
Wanted: Cloth Robe Suilad, friends. I am in need of a tailor, of sufficient skill, to weave a robe of Cloth, preferably of a size fitting a muscular figure. If you can, please send a bird to my personal address; 7 Haven Way, Lothrellin. I shall await the mail. Andarne Lamaen
5-08-09 [more]

(The text is written in an Elven Script)

Suilad, my bretheren! My name is Andarne, of The Rangers of Caras Galadhon, and I seek your help, in riding this world of all Evil, and to protect our borders. Come, join our ranks. Join your kindred Elves in merryment, splendour and combat. Fight against the shadow that sought to control us all!

Remember your oath, your heritage....your kindred.

Should you wish to contact me, send a bird to Mithon, my chief advisor. He shall give you all the necessary information you require.

Ándarnë Lamaen, Head-Ranger. 

(A small symbol, of an Elven variety follows his name)

5-08-09 [more]
I have some utterly -fantastic- new fluffy mittens to keep your fingers warm in winter! If you need some ready for when the cold hits, contact me at my home in Woodhall! --Hamlock Tunnelfoot!
5-08-09 [more]