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The Hamglen Crafting and Trading is now open for use at 5 Long Street. Here you can craft and trade, show your goods, find materials, exchange materials, study, learn, teach.

A friendly environment with everything you may need. All the tools and facilities a crafter needs to craft and a trader to sell and show the goods.

Fair prices and treatment for everyone.

Speak to Fiontann (Usually at The Thirsty Boar) to see it and make arrangements for trade and crafting.


OOC: Anyone can come and use the Kinhouse for crafting. It has all the facilities and a small Universal Ingredient Pack.
It is made to bring together trading and crafting characters and promote such RP. All welcome!

23-10-19 [more]

official eso screenshot.


The Peaceful Peach, located in the sleepy neighborhood of Newharrow, is hosting a Harvestmath Festival Ball on the eve of Harvestmath!

Miss Piper Plumwood invites all citizens of Bree to partake in the haunted festivities and come out for a number of different pumpkin-flavored foods and drinks! Make sure you wear your best outfit for the Costume Contest, and make sure you empty your stomach for the pie-eating contest! Stay around for spooky ghost stories, apple-bobbing, and other fun activities.



Date: October 13th

Time: 8:00pm servertime (that's EST)

Location: 5 Long Street, Newharrow, Bree-land Homesteads

8-10-19 [more]

The Peaceful Peach has finally finished renovations and has opened its doors! Nestled in the quiet town of Newharrow, the Peaceful Peach is right down the road from a local bakery and is situated in a quiet place in the neighborhood! Owned by Miss Piper Plumwood, the Inn has been in the Plumwood family for generations.

We are also seeking to hire a handyman and a stableboy, please be sure to stop by if looking for work.

1-10-19 [more]

The Smugglers Rest.

'The Smugglers Rest Is now open for business. Welcoming all from Middle-Earth who are In need of sleep, rest, drink or food. 

Help Needed. We are offering vacant jobs for hard working individuals who have the desire of getting hold of a little extra coin. 

Weapons must be sheathed at all times when on the premises. 

Find us outside Bree walls, 8 Longstreet, Barwall. '

((OOC: The Smugglers Rest is a front run by The Nameless. All are welcome here, but we particularly welcome those who stray from the Lawful path. We aim for this to be a hub for fellow miscreants, so please feel free to use the Inn at any time. Message Vanden Or Idathiel for more information.))

21-08-19 [more]

The 1st Fist of Steel Tournament is here on the 27th of July at 2PM server time! Speak to Fiontann to join. (Here or ingame)

Bare Knuckle fighting, which means that the participants use only their fists to fight, grapples are allowed though. No weapons, no kicks, no knees.

The first prize is a keg of ale and 40 silver coins.

The second prize is 20 silver coins.

The third prize is 10 silver coins.


OOC Rules:

The first person who manages to hit three times first wins.

The participants will be divided in 3 categories in order to keep things fair.

Expert, Knowledgeable and Novice.

Experts roll a D6 for attacks and defence.

Knowledgeable rolls a D8 for attacks and defence.

Novices roll a D10 for attacks and defence.




Example: 1st person rolls attack, 2nd person rolls defence and emotes outcome and attack, then rolls for attack, then the 1st person rolls for defence and so on.


Please contact me prior to that date so that I know how many people will participate and randomly make pairs. Thank you!


The image of the fight was found here: https://legacy.newarkadvertiser.co.uk/leisure/tourism/history/TimWarner/warner92.asp and I edited it to fit the purpose of this event.

21-07-19 [more]


Haelan Infirmary, located in the neighborhood of Newharrow, has finally opened it's doors to patrons of Bree-land! The building, established many years ago, has gone under construction and is finally finished and can be available to all. Please feel free to simply stop by or write Miss Ceowen to schedule a time for your visit!

Haelan Infirmary is also seeking a few Handymen that can chop lumber for fires, repair any breakages, and do other simple work around the building. We are also possibly interested in taking in new and budding healer apprentices.


art by Allan Bernardo

17-07-19 [more]

Good Citizens of Bree!

Be on the lookout for anything or anyone suspicious! Unscrupulous fiends have sought to rob us of one of our own! 

In the early hours of the morn, where all were to bed sound asleep and safe, within the Scholars' Stair District not one but TWO bodies were found. One within their very home!

Fear not though fair citizens! The Watch has been placed on alert but we here, humbly ask for all Citizens to be cautious of strangers to our lands and those who would seed chaos in our beloved Village.

Together we shall no doubt bring these monsters to justice swiftly! 


If you believe you have any information pertinent to this case. Bring it to the Bree Jail, or the Mayo's Hall. 


Gratitude to all, and stay safe.

14-06-19 [more]

Numerous flyers have been posted on notice boards all over Bree-land and certain parts of the Shire: 

The illustrious knight Sir Walstaff Cowhorn is recruiting a brave and valiant squire!

If interested, seek him out in The Prancing Pony or send a letter.

16-05-19 [more]

A note is pinned to the noticeboard of Bree and surrounding villages. The Blackbird Soothery has opened its doors for those seeking medical aid or medicine.

Located in Knotwood, 2 Long Street.



OOC: If there are any questions you can message me in game or LA.

8-05-19 [more]

A short message is pinned to the noticeboard of Bree. It contains mostly legible writing.

Looking for safe passage to Trestlebridge and the surrounding farms further north? Or are you in need of weapon-proficient companions for an excursion to the Lone-lands?

Look no further! Capable swordhand and bowman offer their services as guides and protectors. Leave a message at the Pony addressed to Ray Fairfield for further information.

PS: Will not, under any circumstances, guide someone into the Dead Man's Dike. Unless you want to go mad. Further passage East to Rivendell may be negotiated. Just bring plenty of maps.

(OOC: Offering travel RP for interested parties to the North Downs, Lone-lands, and the Trollshaws (further places can also be considered with enough IC incentive). Contact me on LA or in-game on Lorayne for more information.)

8-04-19 [more]

Visit The Thirsty Boar! After a small refurbishment it is welcoming everyone for good food, good company and good drinks!

Keep your weapons outside and step in!



There are also two NPCs there to be used as the bartender and the maid if no players of The Black Steel are around.

Everyone is welcome! But ,for lore reasons Beornings and Elves it is adviced to refrain as this is an establishment in Bree-land. (Exceptions can be made, send a tell to me.)

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