Dear Citizens, 

Due to short notice, and the acquiring of other more pressing  cargo, the market will be cancelled in Bree. Those who wish to seek out or have use for our current stock may enquire with Deorla, the Company Master. 


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Are you suffering from a cold or aching of the head?

Are you bleeding profusely from a wound or experiencing an aggravating rash?

Is your daughter or niece currently experiencing their first cycle of womanhood and writhing around on the ground like a girl possessed?

Are you due your monthly bloodletting or leeching procedure?


Based in Combe, Ophelia Pennyfeather - assistant to Leecher Cartwell - offers a variety of services from concocting remedies to sewing up your open wounds!

You can find our practice upon entering Combe via the main gate, past the beekeeper, the first building upon the slight incline to the left!

Available for temporary excursions with localized mercenary groups to tend wounds.

Has experience in treating children's ailments, delivering young and maintaining the wellbeing of pregnant women.

Fees to be agreed upon during appointment.

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The Hunstman and The Stag Inn is now OPEN
The Inn is located halfway between Bree-town and Trestlebridge, right along the Greenway.
With a warm hearth and warm meals and flowing drinks.
The Inn is open to all seeking respite from the roads or mirthful company.

((OOC Note: the Inn is at 5 Long Street, Millshaw. It is open to all to use as a RP hub, even if I am not online.))

16-03-21 [more]

Attention Townsfolk! A Barmaid at the Prancing Pony has gone missing. Barliman Butterbur being the decent fellow he is has asked the watch to set out notices around town. The description that was left with the watch is as follows, Dark-haired, fair-skinned, slender. Standing at 6 stones high! She is not a native but her company was greatly welcomed at the tavern and we have it on good authority that she lives in town.

If you see anything suspicious or find this woman, please report it to our local authorities stay safe! Courtesy of the Bree-Town Watch.

12-03-21 [more]


The person or persons that caused the fire just outside of Combe!

They are criminals who killed Combe's wise woman.

There will be a reward for those who find them.

3-01-21 [more]


A recruitment poster that Fiontann hanged around Bree-land and its inns.


Contact me here or ingame at any time if you're interested.

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29-10-20 [more]

(OOC:  On Sunday, 11/01 at 3PM Server Time, House Bar-en-Acharn will be hosting an RP event at their new kin house, located at #5 Waterbank Road, Torn-en-Aduial, Falathlorn.  This is an open-RP event, with Open Mic for minstrels and story-tellers!) 


  • The Welcoming (in the Grand Hall by Lady Seregrian;
  • The Feast (an RP event hosted by the members of Bar-en-Acharn, the feast has been prepared by Master Chef Cutch Crane);
  • The Revels (Open-mic bardic and minstrels, and dancing in the Grand Hall)
  • Merry Meetings (Chance-meetings throughout the evening;

You are asked to check weapons and pets at the door.

Dress is Formal/Semi-formal

House Bar-en-Acharn is looking forward to welcoming you!

18-10-20 [more]

Are you ill? Do you seek relief from what's troubling your bowels? Do your daily cares cause heart palpitations or an anxious mind? Wanting to look younger with the newest cosmetic? Look no further, dear reader! The Mortar and Pestle Apothecary has all you need and more. Run by a trained herbalist and natural philosopher who has made years of study in Minas Tirith, The Mortar and Pestle has all you need for your ailments. From ointments to poultices to salves to tinctures, you can find it at The Mortar and Pestle!

Located in the Brougham neighborhood of Bree-land, 1 Chestnut Street, Brougham, walk ins are welcome, as are appointments. Do contact Anorieldis through the Prancing Pony!

Good health to you!

16-10-20 [more]

Come, all, to the newest, and soon to be finest tavern this side of the Misty Mountains!
We, at the "Hammer and Harp Inn' would be delighted to host your amidst our halls, and may we drink, laugh, sing and rejoice until the sun fades, and the barrels run dry!
Come to to 8 Long Road, Highburg, Bree, and see the splendour of the "Hammer and Harp Inn" for yourself!

OOC: The tavern is meant to be an open RP hub, to anyone and everyone. If you wish to RP, simply contact me via the Laurelin Archives (Cedmon), Discord (InquisitorialGiggle#5788) or In Game, be it via mail or IM, on one of my characters, (Daurr, Dalbran, Cedmon or Cardanith.)

The tavern is meant to be a centre for RP events and recruitment as well, so if you wish to join the Windswept, that's a great place to start!

No weapons, or pets.

We hope to see you soon!

20-08-20 [more]

The Mossbank Family Farm is seeking able-bodied men and women to become farmhands and farmfriends! In especial need of those that enjoy growing things, but we have work for labourers and artisans of all kinds. Please leave a note for Gail Mossbank by way of Old Barley Butterbur in the Prancing Pony Inn.

((DM Gailswith in-game or join our Discord at

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