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To contact the grey owl send me a message here and we'll try to find a time to roleplay talking on Discord :) My time is GMT+1 

When several people get in contact/roleplay in Bree, I'll make a meeting event.

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A widow tailor is seeking reliable and enterprising young women wishing to learn a trade at 4 Garden Street, Knotwood.

Apply to Vespasia Nettleford for further inquiry 

(Message me here on the Laurelin Archives or mail in game if interested)

6-10-21 [more]

In a small piece of paper, nailed to the board on the side, there lies the following message written with smudgy ink:

"Looking for the folk of the Wild, the ones they call Rangers. My business is my own. You can find me in the inn of the Pony."


(OOC Looking for a Dúnedain and/or Rangers themed kin. Please send me PM or you can find me ingame.)

7-08-21 [more]

Many a scribbled note is pinned to boards, pillars, and drywall in and around Bree. The writing is tidy and careful, revealing that whoever wrote it is either a scholar or has had much practice writing notes such as these:



Windswept is searching for more members willing to ensure the legacy of the the Windseeker carries on. Once we were a group of adventurers that ensured the lands around Bree would stay safe from harm and that aid was offered to any that required it. Now, with danger reaching our lands, we need greater and mightier numbers willing to stand between this darkness and the peace of Breeland.


Look for Crownlight or Master Dalbran, son of Gurni Ironhelm, in the Hammer and the Harp Inn.

We welcome those willing and able to wield a weapon and those that are unwilling and unable alike - if you wish to offer your aid, we shall ensure your wish is not wasted.


The note ends with two symbols: a hammer and harp entwined, and a flowercrown crest.


(((OOC: If you would like to see if the Windswept is right for you, send a mail to me (Galtharian) or Dalbran - in-game or via LA or Discord.))

21-07-21 [more]

May be found in Nen Harn:

Dearest Ziz.
Come home, if you remember.

11-07-21 [more]

Posted on signs around Bree:

Lost Ones and The Huntsman and Stag will be serving a free mid-day meal daily to the people of Bree in the hedge-lined park outside the jail and mayor's office. Together we will ride through the worsening of this famine. Come help or come eat. Donations of food are always welcome.

We love those of Bree and Bree-land. We wish to help our people survive.

Lost Ones
((Serving time will be 6 pm to 7 pm Server Time (Eastern time zone) You are welcome on either side of the table so to speak, server or diner.))

7-07-21 [more]

A poster near the West gate reads: Looking for work? Ms. Aellwenn is seeking a capable woman that is patient and experienced in child-rearing. To work as a nanny in her household. You will be well paid and accommodations will be provided. If Ms. Aellwenn is currently busy, you may leave a note with Butterbur or leave your name with one of the staff at the tavern.


30-06-21 [more]

For any and all masters of woodworking!
A lute of great tuning and mastery is needed!
Willing to pay fine golden pieces for it!

What is a bard without his lute?

Master Aethlas

Bard of Eriador
Master of Verses
Student of Creation

17-04-21 [more]

((A beautifully written notice in Bree.))

Looking for workers with experience in guardsmanship, scouting, exploration and diplomacy. 

The Rosethorn Estate and Rosethorn Trading Company seeks to secure a trading passage to the North-West. Through the Sparrows Mercenary Company, we seek people available to aid us for financial benefit. Here is talk, specifically, of the road between Oatbarton and the High King's Crossing

The matter entails investigation of criminal activity along the road, as well as the security of the waterway leading to our customer. Please contact the Rosethorn estate or seek out Wisterhya Rosethorn at the Scholar's hall Monday to Sunday, expect for Saturday. 


((This is a genuine RP plot, in which we are open to other players. Please write me on LA, in-game or send me a mail to Wisterhya if interested.))

16-04-21 [more]

House of Healing
1 High Road, Knotwood


To use for long-term patient care.

Healers may rent usage of the facility and its accommodation.
* Patient bed
* Supply Stock
* Medical Tools
* Apothecary
* Library
* Kitchen
* Staff assistance


For further inquiry, speak with Elias W. Dimheim.



Workers Wanted
1 High Road, Knotwood

Seeking workers for the following.

* Housekeepers
* Caregivers
* Cooks
* Gardeners
* Warden

For further inquiry, speak with Elias W. Dimheim.


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