The town of Bree represents the future of Middle-Earth! I’ve visited countless markets across the vast stretch of Middle-Earth and never before have I seen such economic potential concentrated in one single location. But the bustling activity that warrants this said potential is unorganized and chaotic. If the town of Bree is to realize its true potential as the next great marketplace of Middle-Earth, this chaotic energy must be more properly organized. Therefore having been granted a generous charter from ever gracious and wise Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch, I hereby establish the Merchant’s Guild of Bree! Utilizing the state of the art methods I’ve come to know from the markets of Dale and Lake-town, I will make sure Bree becomes the richest city of men in all of Middle-Earth! Every resident shall become richer as the tide of growth rises, and the ancient markets of Rhovanion will gawk in envy as they are quickly surpassed by Bree in rapid economic development. The Merchant’s Guild shall essentially be an advisory council to the mayor so that the mayor may more actively engage with the market community and measure the concerns and plights of Bree’s businesses when implementing his trade policies. So if you are a merchant or business owner that regularly works in Bree and its surrounding areas, please join the Merchant’s Guild! The entrance fee is only 50 silver coins. Consider this meager sum an investment into the future wealth and splendour of Bree!

Yours Truly,
Master Merchant Frimsi Gembeard

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On Sunday the 18th of September 2022 we will hold a minute silence to remember a Queen who was love worldwide and in her own country too.

This moment of remembrance will take place at the Breeland festival ground at 8pm BST 9PM CET and 3pm server time all are welcome to attend all we ask is that you are respectful during the moment of remembrance.

Dress code black clothing or clothing suitable for the occasion.

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These posters are currently hung around town for all to see: 

To whom it may concern. The city watch is currently seeking, bright and able bodied men and women to join their ranks.  If you believe that you are fit for the job. Then report to the jail and seek out Chief Inspector Paleward or Sergeant Dojara. You must be a local or have recently gained legal citizenship in order to be a part of our ranks.
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Posted below Ris's posters in Bree-town:

[I publish the banns of marriage between Ristiinnä of the Lumi-väki and Hindberige of the Vales.
    This is the first and only time of asking. If any of you know cause or just impediment why these two persons should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony, ye are to declare it and challenge Hindberige to a duel.

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It is made known throughout Breeland on the noticeboards that help and advice is needed for an extravagant party for all folk in Bree. 

"Contact Greengrove about the party planning" it says.

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OOC: You can contact Lotherwen via Mail, find her in the prancing pony every now and then or contact me OOCly by IMs or Discord (Spurning Seraph#1870 including the space and capitalization!) if you plan to hire her for plots etc.

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The radix Lecti kinship is celebrating its 15th anniversary as kinship and one of the few that are still around from the very start on the laurelin server to celebrate this achievement we are holding our anniversary party event on the 28th of May and is open to all to attend.

The anniversary event will take place at 5 long street Ravenmere homestead Bree land homestead.

The event starts at 7 pm BST and runs to 11 pm BST so will be 8 pm CET to 12 pm CET

There will be food and drink sever and music performed by some of laurelin most well know bands who have been kindly asked to perform there will also be additional events during the party.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

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[Nauraa can be contacted by RP, in-game mail, or through Discord @ strongbow#0001]

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[The handwriting on each of the copies of this small poster is painstakingly done, though  by someone who must be unused to writing with pen and ink, judging by the occasional blots and smears. There are numerous spelling errors which are corrected here for clarity, but the message is clear despite these.]



Lessons in archery, self defense, wilderness survival


[The author of the notice draws a wavy motif to serve as a divider.]



North of city
Pay what you can
Kitchen - stable - storage
Must be comfortable around animals

[Another wavy border]


Bring questions or offers to Naura at the side counter in Lalia’s Market during the day.



OOC: To write a reply or arrange an IC meeting, send a message here, on Discord @ strongbow#0001, or send an in-game mail to Nauraa.


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