Outlaw's Journal - "Ariagne Yarrow"

A/N: Greetings Everyone. Some of you already know who I am, some don't. When I first made Adelainee I thought, "Oh, it would be so cool to play an Outlaw!" And you know what? Instead of going for the stereotypical Brigand that only cares about Money and running from the law I decided to add a little flair and colour to this new character ;) Adelainee keeps this journal, from an ICly point of view, to record the behaviour and her thoughts towards the victim's she's captured... interaction, personal opinions, observing the victim's personality. It all has it's roots from a deep point within her mind, which I want to bring out here in this journal. Enjoy!

Ariagne Yarrow.

The first new victim of the spring that I've captured. I've been laying my eyes on that dumb girl since I saw her with her parents and those fat pockets of gold they carry...
She's such a weakling! I've never seen anyone break down so fast. After "persuading" someone to spy on the girl for me (Outlaws can't turn to Bree so freely!), I gathered that she was a vain, self-centered snob. One particular detail that caught me was her weakness of jewellry.
I formulated a plan, stealing a small cart filled with trinkets I'd stolen over the years, and set it outside Bree. Using a clever disguise and a good excuse (A wheel stuck in the mud), I managed to smuggle some jewellry past the guards and set up a small stall by the market square. I knew by now that the girl had lived not very far from the square and that she would be going outside everyday looking for the biggest parties and whatnot. It didn't take long before the trinkets caught her eye and had her in a daze.
I offered to show her more trinkets, and at my mentioning of a cart wheel stuck in the mud she seemed hesitant. This only proved to me her self-centeredness, so I insisted she come with me outside. I lured her to the cart. No one, as planned, was around, for it was slowly turning to nighttime. I pity the poor thing. She fell right into the trap as soon as I got her too the back of the cart and pressed my dagger against that neck of hers.

I bound and gagged her, abandoning the cart for good measure - someone else would come to collect the contents for me back anyway - and smuggled her to the ruins, watching her fears with satisfaction. She's a weak, cowardly woman... she lets me have her way with her. I tormented her, saying that she was nothing compared to so many others... making a direct hit at her rival Carlotta Oakenweed, whom I said was a worthier victim than her (though I secretly kept my distance after she came back. Shame, I'd been plotting to kidnap that one as well... I knew I couldn't when I saw her the other day though, lazily watching from a rooftop, clad in fancy armour and a sword made from elf-magic and whatever she claims). She broke down into insanity quite quickly. My tormenting was a success. Maybe if I could twist her into a hateful and spiteful fighter using these methods, I'd have the little sister I always wanted...