The Hobbit Market

Feeling alone in the Shire? Finding the strain of tough wolf-skin too much for your kitchen knife? Simply in the mood for a good pie? Or is fashion more your thing? You can find it, and much, much more; at the Michel Delving market!

The start of this week, marked the very first of what is to be a bi-weekly get-together for Hobbits, and anyone with a sweet tooth, a hunger for pies, or the need to shuffle their feet! Tibba Stoutfoot and her niece Nimelia are the organisers of this wonderful initiative, and I had the pleasure of speaking to the ladies at their very first market.

For starters, I was quite touched by the openness of the organisers and their companions. When I arrived, the skilled musician named Lina was playing merry tunes, and many a Hobbit was already dancing a merry jig. And food was, of course, there in abundance.

Once the fireworks announced the end of the evening, I finally had a chance to talk to the ladies, who were, understandably so, very busy tending to the guests all eve.

They explained to me, how they got to this initiative and how they hope they can bring something to the community.

The market, I am given to understand, is intended mostly for the benefit of young Hobbits, seeking their way in the world. The tasks in the Shire, such as saving defenceless vegetables from hungry Shrews, and keeping poultry from becoming a wolf-meal. But also running errands for the postmasters. All in all, many a worry for the gentle folk of the Shire.

Ultimately, though, the ladies revealed, it has been an excellent first try out, not to mention a stunning effort on behalf of their entire kin: The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom.

In short, it was a wonderful evening of happy Shire-folk, helping each other, and their neighbours. But don't just take my word for it! By all means, drop by in two weeks, when the next market will be organised. I am certain you won't regret it.

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