The Chosen Few

Founding date
Summer - 2011
Main area of operations
All over the Middle-Earth
Organisation type
Racial type
Music style(s)
Everything that keeps ya foot stomping, slow,fast, jigs, ballads, weird, upbeat... you name it,we play it...
Organisation status


Name From kinship
Babushka Order of the Divine Brew
Gwestia Order of the Divine Brew
Grymrock Order of the Divine Brew
Merlas Order of the Divine Brew
Tallic Order of the Divine Brew
Sawia Order of the Divine Brew

Additional "live" crew

Erman Order of the Divine Brew
Fnatt Order of the Divine Brew
Smorklad Chosen Few (Landroval)
Ayfred Chosen Few (Landroval)
Azir Order of the Divine Brew
Kvelt Order of the Divine Brew




Previous members and members that are 'AFG' at the moment.

Chadwick No Strings Attached
Amorey Shire Rose
Trotgard No Strings Attached
Gotilia Order of the Divine Brew
Nafing Order of the Divine Brew
Uswin Adventurers of Arda
Norgi Order of the Divine Brew
Zhigi Order of the Divine Brew
Bramba Order of the Divine Brew
Rosamundi Order of the Divine Brew


From kinshippwidth:126px

From kinship


Are you in need of a band to your second-cousins uncles wedding? or maybe for that stag/hen-party your throwing next week?  Or the grand opening of 'insert event here' type of thing?

The Chosen Few is a fellowship of musicians well known for their musical abilities both as solo players and as members of various smaller (in size) bands in the Middle-Earth.

We are aiming to spread the joy of music wherever we go, and no concert or event is to small or 'weird'  for us to give you a splendid time. (we even do funerals...)

We have a huge amount of tunes where about 99% of them is transcribed by ourselves, and they range from soft ballads to the more extreme uptempo stuff on the other end. This means we can build a setlist for any kind of event,  and we can, together with the event creator, make a 'sound' fo the event that will fit nicely to the atmosphere.

Personal appearance or ingame mail is the easiest way to get hold of any of us, and do not hesitate to say 'hello'. We're quite friendly... :-)



Archet Aid is an event we started up three years ago, and is still going strong once a year in Archet town in october/november each year.
Archet Aid is a solidarity concert / happening for the poor farmers of Archet that got their homes (and even worse, their pub!) burned down by ruffians and villains.

Pictures of last years event can be found here and this link also has further links to other people's pictures of the event. Grand stuff!



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