Order of the Divine Brew

Founding date
October, 2010
To keep the 'fun' in lotro going :-)
Main area of operations
Everywhere, usually close to an open Inn :)
Kinship type
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)



The kinship has been in hibernation for a while, but its now slowly picking up speed again, so our doors are wide open for anyone that wants to play the game in their own tempo and would like some good friends while doing so :) Do not be afraid to ask anyone you see with our kinship name about more information about us either, we do not bite :)

- Grym

Our ad says:

Feeling 'Old'?
Surrounded by kiddies?
Walking alone?

Order of the Divine Brew is the kin for you!
Multi race/class/RL location with rp'ers and non-rp'ers alike!
Friendly/helpful and looking for people above 20yo. 


A bit more info:
The Order of the Divine Brew is what you might call a light-rp kinship. We have members that are die-hard rp'ers and we have members that do not know the meaning of the word :-) We are a very mix'ed bunch of people from all over the world (also a lot of americans) and we have in common that we are all what you might call 'Oldies'. The average age in the kin is around 25-45 years old (we got a floating lower age limit of 20yo).

We only require that you got social antennas, that you add to the friendly atmosphere in the kin and that you lend a helping hand when it is needed. 

Anything you might want to know, just ask one of us ingame and we're always looking for new friendly members. We are, when this is written, about 160 chars with a lvl 10 kinship and a big kinship house in the Bree Homesteads (Walstow). We also got a social website for the kin.

Best regards

Order of the Divine Brew


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