Evonne's expedition diary: Day 13

Day 13

The key might lie in the Wovenvales. Keep the box a secret.

We have come a little closer to understanding the mystery of the empty box, recovered by Clay and the others from Ost Guruth. Poring over the diary they found, Morfryn and I worked out from the illustrations that the box they recovered - opened, and empty - had previously contained a second, smaller box. This seems to be what all the mystery is about - and seems to have been what the wights who attacked Ost Guruth were really after.

The above quotation was scribbled on a stray note picked up by Clay in Ost Guruth. The Wovenvales - according to Alcott, one of the guardsmen of the Eglain - lie beyond the Last Bridge, in a country known as the ‘Trollshaws’ (which sounds ominous). Incidentally, Alcott also vaguely recognised the box and the diary; although he did not seem to know anything of significance about them, he did mention that a man left Ost Guruth by night, and on foot - which is unusual - two days after the box was brought to Ost Guruth.

I wonder if it was the man named Cardogir, mentioned in the old man’s diary (and copied here - see previous entry above). Nobody seems to be familiar with the name.

After some discussion, we decided to make for the Wovenvales  - this being our only real lead - in the hope of stopping the enemy getting their hands on the key.

We make for the Last Bridge tomorrow... yes, you read that correctly: for some reason - and despite our previous misadventure - I seem to be going with them. Let us hope I bring better fortune this time...