Years of the Trees

Ere ever moon or sun rose shimmering

Oft I danced in radiant light,

In golden grandeur glimmering,

In silver solemn soaring flight.


Two trees sang, starry sky seeking.

Laurelin lilting laughing bright,

Telperion, graceful, gallant, gleaming,

Together bringing joy and light.


Glimmering leaves on branches golden,

Anew at morn the gleaming bud,

Golden petals fell in flowering flood

Of flower since forgotten.


Telperion towering tall,

Hiding birds in stately silver branches

From shining silver blossoms fall

Drops of dew in dainty dances


Laurelin sought the starry sky,

Serenely singing sorrowless

Brilliant birds from bright boughs fly

Lingering light in lofty luminesce.


At gloaming gold and silver mingled

Scattering crystalline, colour clear

Last light of Laurelin lingered,

In Telperion’s first ray dear.


Gone are shimmering silver blossoms,

Gone the brilliant boughs of gold,

Gone in time forgotten fathoms.

No more leaf or flower doth unfold.