Journal Entry - Breeland Day 19

Breeland - Day 19

Now that he is feeling much recovered, he left to go check on and keep watch over the farm he was hired to protect. He left as soon as possible, no doubt to get away from me and my foolish ways. I am so frustrated at myself. I hope I didn't make things awkward and ruin, what I was hoping, a blooming friendship.

It has been two days since he left. I tried to get back into my normal routine, but I am finding it difficult. I keep getting distracted...I can't seem to keep my focus. I  have no idea when he will come back, if he will return at all. He knows he is welcome to stay here as long as he needs.

Maybe I will work outside and restore some of her flower beds. It is looking to be a nice day.

The worst part is, it's too quiet here now. I feel more alone than ever...the night hours are proving more difficult to face as well. When he was asleep int he other room, I I have started wearing my ranger gear at night and pacing the house in the dark. 

I am such a fool...