An Evening at the Spotless Note

Ne’er-do-wells, shady dealers, and all who seek a place to drink, make merry, and arrange deals that are best kept in the shadows: come to the Spotless Note!

February 17th, 2024
5:00 pm servertime (EST)
5 Long Street, Walhold, Breeland Homesteads

Event details:

A seemingly small and efficient clerk shop has sat for some time in the Scholar’s Stair of Bree, where the clustered mass of homes and businesses make distinguishing one from another ever harder. But for those in the know, behind the legitimate façade and through a thick curtain-hidden door lies a warm tavern, busiest after business hours close. Ask at the clerk’s desk for documents regarding import of Dwarvish ales to be shown the way to the back


The young blond Breelander named Maxim often mans the office along with various hired staff and keeps the records for the tavern and associated business dealings. Those seeking the services of the smuggler group Greyfell can speak to him about such dealings. 


Come here for a drink of the best Dwarven ale in town at tariff-free prices and gambling and deals in the back room. 


The rules are simple: no killing and no brawling, and any trade to do with persons should be conducted elsewhere — bounty hunters are welcome to hand out their flyers but it would be appreciated if any exchange of a human bounty should happen elsewhere. The tavern owner is polite but gruff and anything of those sorts would put this business at risk of investigation from the Bree Watch. 

OOC details:

Feel free to use this address anytime at your leisure for RP and have fun with it! My goal is to provide a hub for (ideally mild and Bree-appropriate) criminal goings on, be it trade of specialty tobaccos, smuggling, arrangement of illicit deals without Butterbur’s listening ears, etc. 


If you’re interested in contacting Greyfell, feel free to message me here on LA or send in-game mail to either Arlane or Maximin. 


Disclaimer: For those playing law enforcement sorts, please do not try to run busts or otherwise “take down” this establishment. Infiltrating undercover to keep an eye on things is acceptable but anything designed to charge those present as criminals requires consent of all parties and would otherwise disrupt this setting which is designed as an attempt to facilitate the crime/shady RP side of the Bree RP community in Laurelin. This establishment is meant to be an alternative to the Pony for such things to both increase immersion and generate increased public/non-kin-affiliated RP in an RP topic that always exists but isn’t necessarily popular in public settings. 

Additional disclaimer: any violence without consent or triggering topics should be avoided. If I, as the owner of this establishment location in-game, receive reports with logs of this sort of thing happening, you will get a warning and if it happens again, you will be banned from entering the house. I want to facilitate a safe space for fun RP that people can enjoy and use for everything from gambling to smuggling to arranging secret plans for storylines. 


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