Faethuil's Journal: Entry III

While being on my way towards Gondor, I have met my family's friend, Captain Nethillon Thanduil who has been through much with my mother during the war. He advised me against travelling to Gondor and instead coming to my allies' aid before he and his party left the camp. After thinking much of it, I took his advice to my heart and turned around. Yet I had no idea where my allies might be now. I found Nethillon's trail and followed it all the way back to Evendim and then towards the High King's Crossing. That was where I found him and the company again. He seemed happy about me coming back. We talked briefly before the others have arrived then I found out they had another battle incoming. This was my chance to prove myself and make my family proud. I left with them not long after, finally having the chance to meet my new captain and fighting by her side. I felt so honoured. As we reached the battlefield, things were not going well for us. Lord Thandanar was also surprised to see me back but seemed happy about it. That was when I mentioned my mother and was glad that my choice was right for once. One of our battle companions seemed surprised by her absence on the field of battle, a man of Rohan named Aethelhard. I could not bear the news of my mother being seriously injured and unresponsive for days so I skipped that matter. We moved onto a cliff prepared to cover our enemies with a rain of arrows. I felt great because I could feel the support of Lady Padrasul who seemed to have much faith both in myself and my mother. However, the battle was not going the way we wanted it with three of our allies being taken. As we reunited with the cavalry and began our chase after them, I did everything I could but that was not enough... I could not help them. I saw my friend Nethillon, fallen on the battlefield but could not come back for him which kept breaking my heart. A gondorian named Morithain did manage to free one of our companions but when I realized who were the ones that remained in the hands of the enemy I froze for a moment. It were the people that we actually cared about, Lord Thandanar and Miss Aelwynna. That made me feel like I intentionally did not do enough to help them. Regardless of her possible rejection of us, I still was remorseful. And I knew that I let my mother down. I was so angry when we had to retreat but we had no other way. 

Back in the camp, Nethillon and my mother were reunited in a very sad way. But neither Lady Padrasul nor me would have guessed that under that sadness is so much of happiness. And so it happened. My mother finally woke up with her usual sense of humor. Nethillon cried and so did I. We were so happy. Even our Captain was. We talked much that night as everything seemed to give us hope once again. Friends reunited, Family reunited and even a possibly new friend to us. That is how we went through it until my mother has learned of her friends' fate. I could tell she was angry and broken. She explained what happened so we could understand and all I knew was that she will join us for the next tasks just to fill what she promised.

Next day both of us left with Lord Belenir and Morithain towards Annuminas but none of us were satisfied. I was glad to see Aelwynna free again, but my heart was heavy to leave Lord Thandanar behind. As we rode back to the Field Hospital none of us spoke. I talked a bit with the gondorian and Aelwynna, before leaving the camp to scout. I was hoping that my mother will be alright as she isolated herself right after we came back but when I came back from scouting, both she and her belongings were gone. This time, I knew that she will keep guard over us but could not bear staying with others.