Wintershields Company

Founding date
The Upkeep of Vindurhal and safeguarding of The Misty Mountains
Main area of operations
The Misty Mountains
Kinship type
The Free Peoples
Foul folk and fouler weather.
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)


Ulvoin Wintershield, a mostly unremarkable Dwarf of Erebor, and those of his company occupy the old Dwarf outpost of Vindurhal with the intent of safeguarding the surrounds and those who pass through from both creature and weather alike. 


(( Wintershields Company is a Heavy-RP kinship with a focus on developing a larger overall narrative within the community. Our refuge built into the outpost of Vindurhal (5 Roaring Road, Varinsot, Thorinshalls homesteads) is intended as a hub for RP for those passing through the Misty Mountains in a similiar manner to how we as a kinship aim to support any passerbys players in their narrative.  Is your kinship/band of companions travelling through the Misty Mountains? Give us a shout. Got a character who you'd like to RP in the area but aren't sure on a narrative reason? Give us a shout! Sidequests can be arranged. ))


Ulvoin Ulvoin, Son of Alvoin Dwarf

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