Steel Sisters

Founding date
To bring wealth and honour to their kin
Main area of operations
Ered Luin, Erebor, North Downs.
Kinship type
None as yet
None known as yet
Kinship status
Active (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


Two sisters; Gna and Sna. The first a weaponsmith, the second an armoursmith. Both determined to bring wealth to their family through their skills. Their parents had looked to their younger brother to continue their business, but his interests lay elsewhere. So, along with a cousin, Pritta, a jewel smith dwelling in Erebor, the three Dwarrows work to exceed expectations.

Ever searching for any information on the skills Mahal taught his people that they do not already know, the three are currently looking at ways to make thinner yet stronger armour. 

Crafting and prospecting feature highly in their lives. Of course, eventually they will want to trade. A stockpile of weapons brings little wealth if it just sits on shelves.


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