Glistening White, Spirits Light

Embrace the magic of Middle Earth this Yuletide season! This winter, dive into a tapestry of merriment as various races come together, weaving tales and forging bonds that defy the chill of winter...

As the air in Middle Earth turns crisp and the first snowflakes gently descend to the frost encased ground, all the realms are abuzz with merriment and joy, heralding the arrival of the Yuletide season. This year, the festivities promise to be grander than ever, with an ecletic variety of events, offering something for all the Free Folks across the land.

Starting from this very eve is the Dwarven Yule Caravan, on the 14th of December. Picture this: mighty dwarven caravans bedecked in festive splendor, having traversed the winding paths of Middle Earth to settle down at Frenrin's Court before Thorin's Hall, stalls laden with treasures and rich goods. Dwarves from all clans converge, celebrating their craftsmanship and kinship, and all Free Folks are welcome to join the festivities too. The clinking of tankards, hearty laughter, and the exchange of finely forged gifts echo through the mountains, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie that cannot be broken, not even by the mischievous and mysterious Sinti Snowbeard...

Two days later, on the 16th of December, the Wintertime Poetry Competition is hosted by none other than the hobbits, full of festive spirit. All Free Folks are invited, to weave enchanting stanzas that have the power to warm the heart even on the coldest of nights. As per tradition, the aspiring wordsmiths are presented with the delightful selection of three themes for crafting their poetic masterpieces. This time around, the options are winter-time, forests, and good cheer.

The Annual Blue Mountains Yule Revelries on the 17th of December are a sight to behold, having always been a spectacular celebration of Yuletide each year. Hosted the the honourable and admirable Blue Mountains Regiment, a night of merriment, good food, delicious drinks, and much dancing is nigh. The Blue Mountains come alive with an explosion of colours, as dwarves, men, hobbits, and even elves join in the festivities. The mingling of cultures is a testament to the unity that Yuletide brings, fostering understanding and friendship among the races.

As the 22nd of December approaches, Middle Earth pauses for Turuhalmë: Remembrance of Things Past. The elves of Lósengriol, along with their friends, are to gather in reflection, honouring the memories of days past and acknowledging the passage of time. The ethereal beauty of the event serves as a poignant reminder that even in the midst of celebration, it is crucial to recognise what has paved the way to the peace of this joyous time.

In graditiude for the efforts of the folk of Winterhome, on the 26th of December, the Brandy Badgers are set to embark on their yearly wassail. This merry procession will weave through the charming town, making stops at various abodes, and conveying good wishes to the residents through the harmonious cadence of their festive songs!

Venturing into the homely embrace of Brockenborings on the 29th of December, we find ourselves amidst the Hobbits' New Year's Party. The laughter and joy are contagious as hobbits showcase their legendary hospitality for other little folk! Hosted in the Plough and Stars, look forward to an evening of welcoming in the new year, with merry tales, cheery music, or tricksy riddles! Oh, and not forgetting fireworks, of course!

And what better way to welcome the dawn of a new year than with the Grand New Year's Snowball Fight on the 1st of January? The competitive yet good-natured skirmish between the Hobbits of Middle Earth will herald much fun, setting the tone for the year ahead. And if getting hit by chilly snowballs isn't your cup of tea - then there's plenty of mulled wine and a theatre trip too!

As the Yuletide season envelops Middle Earth in a warm and festive embrace, it is abundantly clear that the bonds of friendship forged during these celebrations are the true treasures of the season. May the merriment continue to echo through Middle Earth, uniting all in joyous harmony as we celebrate this merry season together...

May you all have a blessed and joyous Yuletide, with those you love around you and in your hearts!

Article written by Blodflaed. All screenshots in article by Blodflaed, taken at various Yule events from 2020-2022. Header image and character belongs to Remis, edited by Blodflaed.

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