Merchant's Guild Council Meeting

Come join the merchants of Bree-land as they bicker endlessly over trivial matters in the Merchant’s Guild Council Meeting. The Merchant’s Guild is an advisory body to the Mayor and as such has no real, direct political power. So the Mayor will likely discard or ignore the majority of petitions sent to him by the Merchant’s Guild. But the fun of political RP is in the process, not the results!

December 10th, 2023
3 PM Server Time
Bree-town Hall

Event details:

During these meetings, any member is allowed to propose a petition to send to the Mayor. A petition can be just about anything as long as it involves the economic concerns of any of the guild’s members, but often the petition is a suggestion for the implementation of a new policy. The members present discuss and debate the petition and then vote on whether or not to confirm this said petition. If the petition gets a majority of the votes, it is approved, if not, it is disapproved. Once a petition is approved it is sent to the Mayor. Then he will, as said before, likely either discard it or ignore it.

OOC details:

A few OOC details to consider:

1) This RP event will take place in a PRE-war timeline. So for the most part for this RP event we will be assuming a timeline that takes place before the events depicted in the books.

2) Anyone who is interested can attend, either as a member of the Merchant’s Guild or just as a curious observer. Just know that only members of the Merchant’s Guild can vote on and propose petitions.

3) If you would like to get more involved contact Frimsi to get access to our Discord server in which we post proposed petitions prior to the meetings.

4) All races are welcome!



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