Out of the Mists

And then, the day before the last of the festival, out of the morning mists walked Belegos. 

"Just a fleeting visit," he told them "And to remind you I have my eye on you. Both eyes when I can."

He was warmly greeted, and asked how he was, and how his mission progressed. There was ever hope he would be free to spend some time at Numenstaya, but his three friends understood. 

"Someone has to save Middle Earth," he said to them, with a grin, knowing all of them did their part when needed. 

"Always good to see you, second most valiant of Estarfin and Belegos," said Estarfin, also with a grin.

Some things never change.

Both were among the most valiant neri I had ever known. Both had walked with me into Dol Guldur, as had Parnard.


(Picture by Estarfin, used with thanks as always.)