Wintertime Poetry Competition

Do you see yourself as a poet? Would you like to pit your skills against other like minded folk? Then now is the time to put pen to paper, grab your coat and join in the fun!

December 16th, 2023
7:30 pm ((3:30 Server time))
Frostbluff, meet by the snowmen building field. We'll walk to the final location

Event details:

The snows are melting and the path to Frostbluff opens once more. What better place to hold a Wintertime Poetry competition? Amidst the cold and somewhat dangerous land, we will gather to hear the offerings from poets of all races. For all have the skills to bring forth beauty in words.

The winner will be known as the WinterTime Bard

As always the budding poets, have the choice of three topics to base their poem around. This time there are:

Winter time; The forest ; Good cheer

The days are growing shorter and soon the year will end, but lets have some joy in these colder months. Places are limited, so get your names down fast!

OOC details:

A roleplaying event that has been running for over ten years. Come pit your skills against other like minded folks or just come to listen.

Will this be the year the judges finaly get to use those rolling pins?


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