Saving Guy

"Who took you?" Danel asked.

 "Was some of Lotho's men." Guy replied.

"That accursed name again," 

 Estarfin, rushing up breathlessly, seemed not to recognize his friends at first, then lowered his sword. 

"You must break the lock," Parnard told him, pointing downward at it.

The hobbit bowed deeply, his face reddening. "Oh! I am sorry, sir! I was only tryin' ter help." Estarfin drew a knife from his belt and tried to prise the lock open. "I am sorry I got captured like a quail in a bag. I was tryin' ter be brave, like yer elves." Then the Hobbit fell momentarily silent, looking up at his rescuers.

The lock snapped in half, and as Estarfin checked his knife for damage, he asked, "Why are you in a cage?" in Quenya. 

Guy looked at him with admiration, but understood not a word.



(With thanks to Estarfin for the picture. Most of the writing is from 'Hounds and Hobbits,' by Parnard.  Guy is part Stoor, hence the whispy beard.)