A Lament for Oropher

Written below is a lament for Oropher, father of Thranduil and Elvenking of Greenwood. Aduialant followed him from Lindon to Greenwood the Great in the early years of the Second Age, and looked up to him as a father figure. It was he who gifted her her treasured short bow, Hadorel. This lament was composed in the days following his fateful death in the battle of Dagorlad. 

Oh Woodland King, oh Woodland King,

Our monarch, good and kind and wise;

Fair was his face and strong his arm,

and light of stars was in his eyes.


His hair was spun of shining gold,

his Elven-mail of silver bright.

And ever, as he cared for us,

The Greenwood filled with laughter light!


In Spring his crown of flowers clear,

In Autumn leaves that turned to flame.

His swirling robes of emerald green;

his glance could either love or maim.


Adamants hung upon his breast, 

a carven staff was in his hand.

Through joy and sorrow, ardor and ire,

he always would fain to protect our land.


Oh Oropher! Oh Sindarin lord!

Great was thy bow, and fierce thy sword!

To battle you led us, through terror stark,

and eyes once shining filled with dark. 


How proud you were, and filled with hope

for Elves and Men to win the day,

but Dagorlad did claim your blood,

and so with blood our folk must pay.  


O’er mountains folk shall hear our cry,

through grassy swards and misty glens

Majestic forest shall heed our call,

and send our words all through the fens.


The battle is won, the sun will rise

but light does come with heavy cost

Though Evil be conquered, we shall mourn,

for our great leader has been lost!