Fortified Wine.

Fortified wine seems to do the trick. 

Filignil hands out warm blankets to the cold neri, and passes round a bottle of the best fortified wine. She warns them to sip it, but both Estarfin and Parnard down it in one. After that the Housekeeper relaxes with her feet on the table, and watches as the drinking continues. Eventually Parnard has had enough, and curls up on the floor to sleep. Filignil excuses herself and retires. 

Meanwhile, Danel had been combing and untangling Estarfin's hair as he continues topping up both their glasses and getting drunker. A short talk about his parents, and the drink and the soothing combing take effect. He falls asleep with his head on her lap. 

Danel, who has not been drinking most of what was offered her, waits a short while, then sleeps beside him. It had been an unusual day.