Remembering Daegond

I remained on Pelorian for a moment, uncertain what he was looking for. Then he said, ”I remember walking this bridge with Daegond, many years ago. The snow was heavier, it was colder…but….” He stamped firmly on the bridge. “Same bridge.”

Then I did dismount. I was hesitant to join him in his memories. They would be different to mine, though I had also had much regard for Lord Daegond. I knew Estarfin had been on patrols, missions with Lords Veryacano and Daegond before I had encountered him in Imladris. I knew he had been relatively happy there. For my part Daegond had ever been a friend and ally. He had some ‘different’ ways, such was true. I put that down to being raised among Celegorms people. But he was true to a fault. 

“I miss him,” I said. “There are no others quite like him.”

Estarfin smiled slightly. “One was often enough.”

At that, I moved to stand at his side. The wind had whipped up again and was making wild with both of our hair. The icy sleet was in our faces, but for a few moments I think we were both warmed by memories.  ‘I don’t forget you, Hound,’ I said in thought. ‘You taught me much.’


Story: Wanderings: Crossing the Hithaeglir. Part one.