Journey to Success: Back to Bree - Training begins!

In the headquarters of Company of the East Road, nestled deep in the heart of the Bree-Land, two rather unusual hobbits named Aevo and Tihovic came together for a most peculiar duel. As it was the day that Company would help in Bree, or that was the plan, but upon their arrival to headquarters they been informed today there will be sparring session, and they were first on the list. These two were known for their peculiar passions—cheese and crackers. Not just any cheese and crackers, mind you, but the most extraordinary and exotic combinations of flavors. That's why they been happy about it so they finally could decide what's better, cheese or crackers. Tihovic had a particular fondness for Limburger cheese. Aevo preferred the rich, nutty taste of whole-grain wheat crackers.

A duel, not only with swords or fists, but with the most pungent and mouthwatering cheese and cracker pairings they could create, and lets not forget about food puns..

The tension in the air was palpable, and a hush fell over the crowd as Tihovic and Aevo readied themselves. The first hit was done by Tihovic as he charged at Aevo out of frustration when he called him a cheesemonger, it gave him the advantage, but Aevo as a hobbit was swift one, he managed to kick him back. Next were fists, they charged at each other again but somehow ended up bumping their heads into each other... what a sight that was. Few minutes later Aevo decided to stand up first, but that did not help him much as when he was getting closer to Tihovic, he used his special weapon, a old cheese! The smell was out of this world, and Aevo still being dizzy in the head a bit, could not handle it and fainted. Tihovic was declared the winner! It was an amazing fight indeed.

There were other fights later as Deorla told them to train until they can no more. As the Great East Road only will get more dangerous going forward. From all the other duels, only two seem worth a good story. One was Cirvalad vs Delrinhelm an elf vs a Thane of Hytbold, it was a duel of an unique style of fighting where Delrinhelm used his fists as a real weapon. Another fights worth the mention was also involing Delrinhelm but however being new to Company he got little to cocky and ended up fighting one of Deorla officers named Tarnon it was quite a show, but however emotion took his clear thinking and in the end Tarnon defeated him with his own weapon, a fist.