The Eldertree Council

Founding date
To protect nature, gather knowledge, and maintain the delicate balance between nature and civilization in Middle-earth.
Main area of operations
All Middle-earth
Kinship type
Anyone who tries to protect nature
Anyone who tries to harm nature
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)


The Eldertree Council is a secretive and ancient organization. Guided by their core values of neutrality and reverence for the natural world, they have made it their mission to safeguard the delicate harmony between the forces of nature and the encroaching influence of civilization. The organization's leadership, known as the Circle of Elders, consists of the most experienced and wise people amongst them who oversee the Council's activities.

Their central gathering point is The Secret Grove, a hidden location known only to members and trusted allies. It serves as a place for members to convene, share knowledge, and discuss the Council's actions and objectives.

The Eldertree Council seeks alliances with like-minded individuals and organizations, regardless of race or background. They consider any force that threatens the natural world as potential adversaries.


Ravenford Ravenford Man

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