Party Time in Imaldris

(This poem was read by Maegwine at the party held by elves to celebrate the end of summer and the harvest, by the lake in Hidhuinen, close by Imaldris.  The poem is a little irreverent - Maegwine claims it was written for her by a hobbit, but we're not too sure!)

A tale of summer fun, I’d tell,

If you’ve an ear to lend,

Let me just say, before I start,

I wish not to offend.


Elves are the Firstborn, right enough,

They’ve lived a thousand years,

They’re known for their great gravitas,

And splendid pairs of ears!


But there’s one thing I’d have you know,

When summer comes around,

Dressed up in their finest clothes,

By Hidhuinen they’re found.


Any here who thought that elves,

Were stuck up, arty-farty,

Then clearly, they have never seen,

How elves do like to party!


You should see how they knock back wine,

And jugs of ale and mead,

The victuals at their picnic would

A hungry army feed.


Their songs of love and sorrow bring,

Sad tears to many eyes,

Yet when they’ve had a glass or two,

Their lyrics might surprise!


See them dancing on the grass.

Letting their hair down,

How does that maid perform that dance,

Wearing that full-length gown?


Their music played on silver harps

Is famed for sweet refrain,

But hark!  Was that an ‘oompah!’ there?

Aye, there it goes again!


A toast to all those gathered here,

I soon my leave must take,

I reckon you’ll by evening’s end,

Be dancing in the lake!


So, any who did think of elves,

Their company might bore ‘em,

They’ve never seen what happens when,

They throw off all decorum.


Warm blessings of Yavanna on,

All those who prance and groove,

Though it’s not written down in lore,

I think she would approve!