Elven Wayfarer's Encampment [Weekly RP]

The warm glow of a welcoming campfire after a long day of travel beckons you to join little gathering of elves sharing their campfire with those who would join them and rest a while, and perhaps share a song or tale of their travels upon the roads of Eregion and Swanfleet.

September 22nd, 2023
15:00 Server Time
Idhobel, Swanfleet (47.2S, 19,0W) (W. Eregion Stable)

Event details:

The merry sounds of music and laughter lead to the spot where a group of elves have encamped and made welcome anyone who may be on the road to stop and rest, share a story or song, and enjoy the companionship of fellow travelers on the roads through the wilderness.

OOC details:

This is  a casual, open RP event recurring weekly in Swanfleet/Cardolan, the premise of which is that a group of elves welcome other travelers to join them in making merry and telling stories, catching up, and making friends around a campfire/at their encampment. It is a open, social RP event (unstructured) -- anyone who would be traveling through Swanfleet, Eregion and Cardolan is welcome to join in! 

Join us at Idhobel, Swanfleet ("Western Eregion" stablemaster) on the 15th of September.

Location: Idhobel (Tham Celechir), Swanfleet
Stablemaster: Western Eregion 
Coordinates: 47.2S, 19,0W

You can get a horse to the Western Eregion stablemaster from Mossward, if you are a low level and worried about getting killed on the way. If you do not have the horse route it is a relatively safe run depending on *how* low level you are. Summons may also be availble!


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