So Be It

Estarfin stood upon the cliffs, an open bottle of wine held in his hand as he stared across the Sea, searching for answers. His face was pale and drawn, as though he had been without rest for many days. A chill wind swept over him, and he scowled, looking to the uttermost West.

He called out bitterley into the empty sky."You have laid this Doom upon us, and we have dwelt ever under that shadow. Tears unnumbered have been shed, and none save Tintallë herself have any thought for us that remain in this far land."

He ran a hand through his hair, and spoke softly to himself. "To what end will this course lead us? I have no fear of her, simply for her. I would not make a prisoner of her, either by deed or word. Yet that is exactly what I do, despite her denial of my purpose."

He looked up again, his face proud yet fey. "War and darkness are ahead of us, yet I will not turn aside and flee. I do not suffer from cowardice and I will go on. To darkness I will come, slain by weapon, torment or grief. I expect nothing of you, neither pity nor succour." He turned away from Anar setting in the West in a gesture of rejection and denial.

Again, he spoke quietly, almost in a whisper. "I will fall, and leave you alone, through all of the long ages of this world, to grow weary and become as a shadow of regret. You would entwine your fate with mine? That is what you ask?" He pulled from a pocket the beautiful ring of silver, steel and diamond that he had forged and looked at it. For a moment he considered hurling it into the Sea, wishing that would break the chains that bound them together. After a moment he placed the ring back into his pocket and sighed, accepting what must come.

"So be it."