Status of settlement: Zigilgund. #3018, 3

*The letter is in fine dwarven runes, written with a steady and elegant, yet somewhat unpractised hand.*
To Dwalin, lord of Thorin's Halls.



The settlement of Zigilgund is functioning well, and all crucial supplies are in stock or available through trade or hunt. The dwarves are in good health and better spirit, and are coping well with the cold.

The new mine has yet to strike the motherlode, but current excavations are showing signs of precious metals, and some refinement has been commenced. 

Lode #3 and #5 are dwindling, but #1, #2 and #4 stil supplies reasonable output. The steel is pure and strong, and abundant silver deposits are found regularly. Few precious stones are found, but those dug out are of reasonable quality. (See the samples sent by the caravan. Loadlist attached here.)

In regards to output, the settlement is still profitable and it is suggested that we continue our operations.


The stores of firewood and lumber for crafting is in need of replenishment, and it is wanted that such is sent back with the next caravan. Alternative foodsources could be wished for special occasions, as some dwarves are growing tired of elk and fish.


At last a special request. Mylord, we are experiencing strange things in these lands. There is something changed in the northmen, and strange creatures have shown their presence. It is beyond our knowledge and skill to cope with these happenings, and we have few means left to try. It is of great importance for the settlement that someone with skills in the language of the northmen and their traditions and manners can be despatched to our lands. Furthermore, knowledge of the situation in Eriador would be of great aid, as some of the northmen have approached us and asked for advice.

We have given them what news we recieve with the caravans, but they seem to have become more suspicious. As if something is menacing them. We have dared not to ask too much, as our relations with them are good, yet fragile and as we have few or no means for aiding them.

The humble dwarves of Zigilgund request your aid


The council, Zigilgund

*Signed by numerous dwarves*