The Hobbitry's Anniversary Party

June 24th, 2023
7:00 PM BST (2 PM server time)
4 Brookbank Street, Sootcrest, Shire Homesteads

Event details:

Join us as we mark the kinship's two-year anniversary with a celebration to remember!

Fun, games, and entertainment will be plentiful! The Hobbitry's band the Bullroarers will play some celebratory tunes, but we are also opening the stage to entertainers. If you have some entertainment (be it tunes, a story, or anything else!) sign up prior to the event by contacting Demelsa via the Quick Post (an in-game mail or /tell).

Dressing up fancily is strongly encouraged!

OOC details:

We welcome friends of all races to share in our anniversary celebrations with us.

This is a hobbit-run role-playing event on the Laurelin server hosted by The Hobbitry-in-Arms.

Website: (down for maintenance currently)

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