Inhabitants of Middle Earth: Men of Bree-land

Within the heart of Eriador lies a quiet land of rolling hills and simple folk. To the untrained eye, Bree-land appears as an unremarkable patch of land, overshadowed by the grandeur of Middle-earth's renowned realms. Yet, to the perceptive traveler, this unassuming region reveals a tapestry woven by the men of Bree-land, an enigmatic community steeped in history and mystery...

As one wanders through the captivating landscape of Eriador, they may find themselves crossing the borders into the unassuming province of Bree-land. A unique charm emanates from the men of Bree, a resilient and self-sufficient folk whose presence has left a lasting mark upon the lands.

Descended from the House of Haleth, much like their Dunlending cousins, the men of Bree-land hold a sturdy and robust stature, shorter than the men East of the Misty Mountains. Their complexion ranges from fair to russet, whilst their hair almost mirrors in diversity, light to dark shades that sway in the breeze as these men go about their daily tasks. As one's own eyes meet that of these men, reflected back are hues of chestnut brown to mossy green, holding a firm, unwavering glint within them.

Agriculture and animal husbandry forms the backbone of the existence of these folk, as fields stretch far and wide, showcasing the fruits of their labor. Working the land, plowing the soil, and reaping the harvest were common sights, whilst others tended to their livestock with expertise and care. It is evident that the Bree-men's self-sufficiency stems from a deep connection with the land they call home.

Language serves as a bridge between travelers passing through and the Bree-men, allowing for communication and understanding. One may overhear conversations in Westron whilst passing through these lands, the common tongue spoken across Middle-Earth. The Bree-landers have mastered this language of unity. There is also a lilt of Hobbitish tracing throughout talk, the variety of the Common tongue spoken by the nearby Hobbits of the Shire, who often visit the green lands of Bree. The ability to engage in dialogue with folk from all Free Folk demonstrates Bree-landers' adaptability and their willingness to embrace the different cultures about them. In fact, to simply walk through Bree, one will see the Bree-folk's harmonious coexistence with other races dwelling in Middle-earth. The longstanding relationship with the Hobbits of the Shire and the Dwarves of Ered Luin stands as a testament to their ability to embrace diversity.

It is easy to admire the character and demeanor of the Bree-men, shaped by their way of life. Hardworking, practical, and down-to-earth, they radiate reliability and trustworthiness. In the bustling town of Bree, innkeepers warmly welcome weary wanderers, guiding them to comfortable lodgings and sharing stories of the land. However, a hint of caution and reservation towards outsiders is noticeable, a natural response to the unfamiliarity of the world beyond the borders of the gentle hills of Bree-land. Trust needs to be earned with the locals of Bree, for there is great significance to forging genuine connections with the Bree-landers.

Perhaps this attitude has come from the ancient stones on which Bree was built, and into it's very people. In fact, the locals hold a mixture of fear, fascination, and respect for the ruins of Arnor. Tales and legends have been passed down through generations, speaking of the ancient kingdom's glory and its tragic downfall. The Bree-folk, who live in close proximity to the Barrow-downs, are wary of the lurking danger of tombs of the long dead.

As one departs from Bree-land, a sense of gratitude can fill the heart. The men of Bree offer respite and hospitality, leaving an enduring impression of hardworking individuals whose strength lay not only in their physicality but also in their willingness to embrace the unknown and find common ground with all who journey through Middle-earth.

Article written by Blodflaed (previously Gaeded).

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